Players Gonna Play, But Winners Were Beginners Before.

From proven products and prolific programs to
professional pursuits, many of which preach and
promote the rags to riches headlines, it can be difficult
to figure out which online options truly deliver profitable results.

I would know all too well, having successfully made a
full time income 100% digitally for nearly a decade.

How did I do it?

Que the dramatic drumroll…

Regardless of the kind of business
opportunity or optimization outlet I
was involved and invested with, I always
focused on the golden goose of all skill sets:


Mainly mastering the methods of SEO and SEM.
(think inch wide mile deep mentality)

But this wasn’t always easy to
duplicate, share and teach others.

It was a tall task to tackle and a
tediously time-consuming calling due
to a very competitive landscape and the
nature of worldwide interest and demand
to reach the coveted #1 spot.

But Today…from global to local,
the game done switched up and shifted into:

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It is going to showcase a simple and
sexy way that can help you right now.

This coaching program, (headed by 2 millionaire mentors
that I trust and completely support), is a genuine game changer.
They have been a silently operating beast in the background
for just over a year and have grown into nearly a thousand students.

Here it is…. the pitch, the catch, the fully loaded bases scenario.

What if instead of competing against
the world to generate leads from SEO,
you could focus on a specific CITY and Service.

What if you could generate REAL LEADS for
local brick-n-mortar, mom-n-pop businesses?

In all my years marketing online,
this is LOCAL LEAD GEN at its finest my friends…

I'll pass the torch and let my buddy Brad take it from here:

Watch it here

This is full of value in the virtual village of internet marketing.

In short, Golden collaboration. Genuine coaching. Game changing.

I wouldn’t waste my words about it otherwise.

If you are ready to make a serious commitment
to your financial future, watch the video then:

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Serious people ONLY.

About Players Money: Make Baller Money

Everyone celebrates the winner, but not all of us realize they too were once a beginner.

They say the proof is in the practice. Making money is no different.

The lingo we use around these digital waters isn't in limbo – we want you to make PLAYER MONEY.

Being a former Division-1 Collegiate Athlete playing basketball, I had real dreams of producing professional ‘baller-type player-type” money – until – 2 knee surgeries later – your so called player-perspective becomes a faint-hearted hope and real reality begins to settle in – what's next.

For me, thank god, the answer didn't keep me waiting too long.

Within 2 months, I had joined my very first ‘online business prototype' – which the mature world by then called it MLM.

It was brand new to me though. I had never heard the term network marketing or affiliate commissions on the internet in my life.

I was strictly a baller. A shooter from deep who knew how to keep the defense honest. But when all that comes crashing down, you have to keep the playing hustle up.

And now, fast forward some 9+ years later – we are still in the same chair, with a new flair, new home, new habits, you name it I can claim it – but we are here – better than ever.

And have but just 1 question:

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