Enagic Kangen Water Review

The fact that there is a water crisis sweeping the globe is no longer something that can be ignored. Not only are droughts making water more scarce in some areas, but cities across the world are providing their populace with polluted, dirty water.

Since 2004, tap water in the United States has been found to have 315 pollutants. The problem is that many of these pollutants are unregulated and others are allowed to be in the water legally. For those who know about these pollutants, the only option is bottle water. Unfortunately, bottled water has problems of its own. In fact, most times, the only difference between bottled water and tap water is that bottled water has added minerals. Unfortunately, bottled water is often equally or more contaminated than tap water.

With all these issues surrounding water growing and growing, there is an increasing demand for healthy, unpolluted water. Kangen Water doesn’t just provide contaminate free water, its water also offers a wide variety of benefits. By offering this water option to people, as well as direct sales marketing business opportunities, Kangen Water is changing the way the world does water.


What Is Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is a healthy and delicious water created by using technology designed by Enagic. The technology has helped create a series of water filters that can be used to filter tap water, creating an ionized alkaline and acidic water through the process of electrolysis. The water created by Kangen Water can be used for anything, from drinking and cooking to skincare and cleaning.

By creating a pH level between 8.5 and 9.5, Kangen Water helps restore the body back to a more natural state. This process will help optimize health.

Who Created Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is created by Enagic USA. Enagic International is based in Japan, but has branches and offices throughout the United States.

For decades, Enagic has been the leader in manufacturing alkaline ionizers and water filtration systems. Over the years, Enagic has provided these water filtration systems and alkaline ionizers to hundreds of thousands of people across the world, getting closer and closer to their goal of providing pure, alkaline water to everyone.

In addition to providing Kangen Water to homes worldwide, Enagic also supports a direct sales marketing business model. This is done in an effort to use hard-working, independent distributors to spread the word about Kangen Water, using their personal experience to connect with buyers. By using this method, Enagic has become one of the most effective marketing and sales company in the world.

What sets Enagic apart from the many other direct sales marketers is that the company feels that the distributers deserve to earn the majority of the business profits. Giving their distributers the financial support they need in this manner encapsulates the true meaning of Kangen Business.


The Enagic Philosophy

In Japanese, Kangen means to return to the origin. This is the basis of much of the work Enagic does. However, to make things clearer, Enagic has based its corporate philosophy on three clear and basic principles. They are:

1. Realizing true physical health

2. Realizing true financial health

3. Realizing true mental and metaphysical health

By keeping these three points at the center of everything it does, Enagic has been able to create a thriving business that doesn’t just help improve the health of others, but also provides financial stability to its distributers.

Benefits Of Kangen Water

Enagic-Kangen-WaterBecause Kangen Water can be used in such a multitude of ways, it has a wide selection of benefits. Not only can it change the pH levels in water, varying from strong Kangen Water to strong acidic water, but each of these different levels are good for very specific purposes.

Below is a detailed list of the benefits for each level of Kangen Water.

Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.00)

Strong Kangen Water is not for drinking, however it works very well for cleaning and food preparation. Strong Kangen Water can be used for general cleaning throughout the kitchen, from cutting boards and dishcloths to oil spills. It can also be used to get rid of the tough grime that forms on vents.

Because Strong Kangen Water is such a great cleaner, it allows users to decrease the amount of soap they use when cleaning dishes. It also minimizes the amount of water needed to completely clean.

Strong Kangen Water is also a great stain remover. It is stronger than regular tap water and has an increased absorption power. It can remove coffee, soy sauce, and oil stains from clothes and carpets. This level of water can also be used to remove toilet bowl and bathtub stains.

Kangen Water (pH 8.5-9.5)

One step below Strong Kangen Water is Kangen Water, which is less potent and extremely good for the body. This is the level of Kangen Water that users can drink freely. Kangen Water has a naturally sweet flavor and is also much lighter than normal tap water.

Kangen Water enhances the natural flavors in food, making it perfect for food preparation and cooking. It can clean fruits, vegetables, and meats. Vegetables that are cooked in Kangen Water have enhanced flavors, so they need less seasonings when served. Kangen Water is also perfect for brewing coffee and tea, because it extracts more of the flavor from the beans and leaves. Because the water works in this way, less coffee beans or tea leaves are needed to get the same, full flavor.

Kangen Water in this form can also be used to water plants. The water gives an extra level of freshness and life to plants, stimulating the seeding development as well as the germination in the plants.

Neutral Water (pH 7.0)

The neutral level of Kangen Water has no chlorine, rust, or cloudiness, making it a softer, more delicious option for those who want to drink it daily. At this level, Kangen Water is safe for making baby food. And, because Neutral Water is so easily absorbed by the body, it can help the body take in things like supplements and medications. It is recommended this is water level used to take medications so users can get better absorption from their prescriptions.

Acidic Water (pH 4.0-6.0)

Acidic Water is not safe for drinking, but it does work as a great astringent. This makes Acidic Kangen Water the perfect option for beauty and skincare, as well as gentler cleaning.

Acidic Water work well when washing the face, because it helps tone and firm the skin. It is also an effective toner for using on the skin after shaving. Acidic Kangen Water also works well for cleaning hair, in both humans and pets. It can be used instead of using conditioner, because it shines and untangles the hair naturally, leaving it soft and shiny.

Acidic Kangen Water is also perfect for lighter cleaning and polishing. It can be used on floors for mopping or shining, cleaning off the dirt without leaving any residue behind. It can also be used to clean glasses, mirrors, and windows, since it cleans without leaving annoying streaks behind.

Acidic Kangen Water is also a good option for rinsing fruits, vegetables, and meats before freezing them. Due to its higher acidity level, it keeps the food better, so when it’s defrosted the food still has the full flavor it had before being frozen.

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7)

Strong Acidic Kangen Water is also not for drinking. However, it has very powerful disinfecting and sanitizing abilities that make it perfect for cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom.

Strong Acidic Water is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing things like utensils, dish towels, and or counters. However, if used on metal, it should be wiped immediately, since it can cause rusting. This water also works well in the bathroom, as it is capable of cleaning toothbrushes and sanitizing hands.

Businesses like salons, restaurants, and daycares love using Strong Acidic Water to clean and disinfect their areas, because it cuts on the costs of purchasing multiple cleaners. With Kangen Water, Strong Acidic Water as well as Strong Kangen Water are all these businesses need to clean their entire work spaces.

Purchasing Kangen Water Through Power Life Pro

To purchase Kangen Water, customers need to have a sponsor’s ID, name, and email address before ordering. Having these things will allow the sponsor to make the commission that Enagic gives all its distributers. As of lately the best way to get Kangen water for the a fair reasonable price is through Power Life Pro.

There are several different machine options available for Kangen Water. They vary in price from $1,480 (Leveluk R) to $5,980 (Leveluk Super 501). Customers will have to decide for themselves which machine would work best for them, according to their needs and the capabilities of the each machine.

On the Enagic website, customers will also be able to find the supplies they need to maintain their Kangen Water machines. These include cleaners and pre-filtration systems.

Enagic also sells supplements made with Kangen Water. By making these supplements and teas using Kangen Water, Enagic can assure users that they’ll be more effective.

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