Four Corners Alliance Group Review

The Four Corners Alliance Group is a network marketing company that claims to be taking over the “four corners” of the world.

Find out if 4 Corners is the real deal today in our review.

What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

Four Corners Alliance Group

Four Corners Alliance Group is a network marketing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was founded by a guy named David Harrison in 2013.

The company has a basic network marketing structure: you buy into the company in exchange for an $18 buy-in fee. Then, you convince other people to buy into the company as well.

Once you’re in, you try to sell people other products in exchange for more commissions. There are two core Four Corners Alliance Group products, including a financial education set and a monthly newsletter. Affiliates can sell these products themselves or point customers towards the Four Corners online store, where prices are marked up by 33% and all additional commissions go directly to the affiliate.

Today, Four Corners Alliance Group is located at 5550 Painted Mirage Rd Suite 320 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can contact the company at 775-376-7637.

Why would someone pay for a monthly newsletter and basic financial advice? Find out below.

Who Created Four Corners Alliance Group?

Four Corners Alliance Group was created by a guy named David Harrison. According to David’s LinkedIn profile, he’s from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been the CEO of Four Corners Alliance Group since 2011. On the official Four Corners website, however, the company claims to have been founded in 2013.

He also claims to be the Vice President of DirectPay Express, which “provides re-loadable debit cards for companies with a need to pay 1099 contractors.”

Other network marketing experience for David includes Herbalife, where David started his network marketing career. He also claims to be an internet marketing expert because he has programming experience.

Four Corners Alliance Group Financial Education Set

The Financial Education Set is the main product at Four Corners Alliance Group. It contains a total of 16 different “books” (each book is closer in size to a chapter). Covered topics include:

— How To Become A Smart Investor
— How To Deal With Credit Card Debt
— How To Setup A Living Trust
— Online Options Trading And Forex Trading
— Understanding Real Estate Investment
— Investing In Gold And Silver
— Other Investing Lessons

Basically, it’s a primer course for newbie investors. Unfortunately, you need to pay to upgrade to different levels of the program, from Levels 1 through 6.

Here’s how the levels break down:

— Level 1 – Book 1: The Essentials

— Level 2 – Book 2: Become A Smart Investor

— Level 2 – Book 3: Millionaire Mindset

— Level 3 – Book 4: Dealing With Credit Card Debt

— Level 3 – Book 5: Living Trusts

— Level 3 – Book 6: Economics The Truth Behind The Spin

— Level 4- Book 7: Protect Yourself For Identity Theft

— Level 4- Book 9: Debt Crisis

— Level 5 – Book 10: Real Estate Investment

— Level 5 – Book 11: How To Invest In Gold And Silver

— Level 6 – Book 12: Investment Principles

— Level 6 – Book 13: Time Value Of Money

— Level 6 – Book 14: Real Estate Investment Trust

— Level 6 – Book 16: Investing For Impact

Ultimately, the books are not much different from what you would find on an average financial advice website online. However, if you’ve always wanted to learn more about forex trading, options trading, bond trading, and other financial tools, and you want this information in a convenient downloadable eBook, then you might find this information to be valuable.

Otherwise, the primary reason you buy these books is to convince other people to buy them as well. All books come in the form of a downloadable eBook.

Monthly Newsletter

The other main product at Four Corners Alliance Group is the monthly newsletter. You earn 80% commissions from selling the newsletter.

When you buy the newsletter (which costs $29.95 per month), you get access to the financial books listed above. You don’t get free access to the financial books listed above. Instead, you simply get the opportunity to pay for the financial books listed above.

Ultimately, the newsletter and financial education products don’t really offer much of value: instead, they’re simply designed to prevent Four Corners Alliance Group from being classified as a pyramid scheme where people aren’t selling any actual products. Typically, companies like this quickly attract the attention of regulators and get shut down.

You buy into the company for $18 then try to sell people on the $30 per month subscription plan. If you can successfully “fill up your matrix” and sell people on the plan, then you can earn 80% commissions from each $30 per month subscription fee. Understandably, that can add up to a lot of money.

Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan

There are six main ways to make money through the Four Corners Alliance Group, including:

— Matrix Income (Income From Your Downline)
— 100% Matrix Check Match Commission
— Residual Income
— 100% Residual Check Match Commission
— Four Corners Alliance Newsletter
— Four Corners Alliance Affiliate Program

Four Corners likes to advertise that it’s different from other multilevel marketing companies because its members don’t entirely rely on affiliate subscriptions. In reality, however, the vast majority of your income will come from convincing other people to join Four Corners Alliance Group.

You may have trouble convincing someone to spend $30 per month on an online newsletter subscription, so you can expect most of your earnings to come from new sign-up fees.

The Four Corners Alliance Group Matrix

Four Corners Alliance Group heavily advertises its “matrix”, where members can earn up to $500,000 per month. Obviously, the vast majority of people won’t earn anywhere near that (the majority of members actually lose money), but here’s how that matrix chart works:

Four Corners Alliance Group

Each level refers to an additional level of the financial books listed above. If you want to access Level 5, for example, you’ll need to pay $150. The person from whom you buy will earn $60 from that sale.

If you “fill out your matrix” with 4096 level 6 affiliates, 1024 level 5 affiliates, 256 level 4 affiliates, 64 level 3 affiliates, 16 level 2 affiliates, and 4 level 1 affiliates, then you could earn total commissions of $559,824.

Should You Join Four Corners Alliance Group?

Four Corners Alliance Group is a classic-style multilevel marketing company. You earn money based on the commissions people pay to join the company. There are additional products here, like the monthly newsletter and financial books, but most members will find them to be of little value.

It’s also important to note that Four Corners Alliance Group won’t pay you until you’ve sponsored at least 4 people. If you don’t think you can sponsor more than four people, well then you probably shouldn’t be reading MLM company reviews online.

Four Corners Alliance Group isn’t necessarily a scam, but it’s one of those network marketing companies that’s walking a fine line between illegal pyramid scheme and legal network marketing company.

So far, Four Corners Alliance Group appears to have avoided the attention of regulators and been able to secure nice compensation for its members. However, you may want to wait until Four Corners Alliance Group survives its first year before paying to sign up for the company.

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  1. can you please send a video clip to showcase how it works. I hope if I join you would be able to support me in any way you can.

  2. 4cs is nothing close to a pyramid scam. i hv been in it for months and earning good money. i am on level three at the moment and i have uplines who have cashed thousands of thousands of us dollar.

    i would rather advice yo jump on the train of success with four corners. information is power, so, get financialy literate and get financial freedom.

    see you on top.

  3. Who would like to join under our team in 4 Corners? I’ll help you get started. I’m giving away $18 to those who would like to sign up, so it will now be free for you to join. Send me an email to those interested. Happy new year!

  4. four coners is not a scam , four corners actually pays you your money. ive been a partner for four months, and i can testify that four corners is legit, its not a make money quick scheme, you would have to understand that. As long as you get four people that get another four and so on, then you are in progress.

  5. Hi

    I would also like to add my own opinion on Four Corners Alliance Group. I have been part of the company for 1 year now, and have personally seen lives transformed by this company and recommend it to anyone wanting to make an extra income.

  6. Hello
    I am looking for more information to join the company! If there anybody from Dar es Salaam please lets get in touch.

  7. Please i loveto know how thé matrix income works. If i have a downliner, how much should hé pay and how much is my commission per dowliner
    Secondly, am in Cameroon and thé banking système is very poor as many are without crédit cards.
    As a suggestion first or all if we will work in Cameroon, four corners can open an account hère where money can ne accumulated then transfered because many wont be able to go pay a fée for Sending $18.

  8. Hello

    Colman and Richard you can send me your contacts and can direct you how to join four corners since am already doing the business and its good.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Players Money, you did a balanced review that neither pitched you for or against Four Corners Alliance. Thumbs up to you!
    The reality is that 4Corners is real and paying…And many are already cashing in on the opportunity while its still fresh.
    For more detailed information on how to join four corners from anywhere in the world

  10. I’m interested to joined under your team. Can you sign me up on my behalf? I am ready to move our team here in PNG.

  11. I am already a member and my down liners are increasing their network. I would like more Papua New Guineans to join this as its benefits are trully great.


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