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iPAS2 Strategy/SYSTEM
iPAS 2 is the only internet marketing system we use for prospect acceleration and MLM lead generation. Chris Jones created and crafted an intelligently-innovative strategy to help thousands of entrepreneurs build success using his formula.
Pure White Hat, Evergreen
To have Player Money, that means being in multiple places at once, leveraging your time, effort and energy into something that will have ROI in the future. iPAS2 is a 100% evergreen, white hat, proven way to generate additional residual income fast online..
High Quality P.B.A. Coaches
Finally, a marketing system that provides coaching and mentorship from people who have been there and done that. The iPAS2 coaches use their iPAS Reach customer relation management software to help you win big online using this formula.
Guaranteed Satisfaction
iPAS 2 does not play games. If you are not happy, you do not have to pay and can get a complete refund on your results-driven platform and marketing system. Rest assured, between our team and the iPAS platform, there is a great deal of success to be had.
24/7 Support Center
You can reach us anytime to using the following options:
Admin: info@MakeMoneyExpert.com
Detailed Tracking/Reporting
Once you see the iPAS 2 marketing system, I guarantee you will have not seen anything remotely close to the fluidity and functionality of such a money making formula. It has generated millions in sales so far and just released their iPAS2 Supercharged PRO system for you today.


iPAS 2 Marketing System

iPAS 2 is a new internet marketing system which promises to make a lot of people rich while working from home.

iPAS stands for the Internet Prospect Acceleration System. Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, the original iPAS was released way back in 2011.

This year, Chris and Chris are releasing iPAS 2.0, an upgraded version of the original system. This new version promises to create an even more effective sales funnel which drives targeted traffic to Empower Network products, earning you commission in the process.

How Does iPAS 2.0 Work?

iPAS 2 is an online marketing system. It’s not a course or an e-book. Instead, you’re buying into a system that has been specially designed to funnel money into your pocket.

That’s a refreshing change from the usual world of internet marketing, where so-called “gurus” are happy to sell you a guide that explains information you could have easily found online.

The system uses strategies specially designed to sell products from the Empower Network. For that reason, iPAS 2.0 is best described as an add-on system for the Empower Network.

Here’s How It Works:

— The system is built on the strategies currently used by some of the brightest online marketing professionals on the planet

— The system replicates these strategies, allowing iPAS members to enjoy a similar level of success with their own online businesses

— The system funnels traffic towards Empower Network products, earning iPAS members 100% commissions ranging from $25 to $5,000 per purchase

When you subscribe to iPAS 2.0, you’re not buying a guide, purchasing products to sell, or buying the tools you need to start your own business. Instead, you’re buying into a co-operative business model. Essentially, you’re buying a share of the business.

After buying into iPAS 2.0, you receive your own custom-built website. You also have access to the iPAS marketing team and sales staff. Your business is run according to iPAS 2 principles. However, the company benefits most when people are working in the area best suited to their skills – so iPAS 2.0 encourages customization and personalization.

To my knowledge, Chris and Chris are the only ones operating with this business model – at least at this level of success.

Who Are iPAS 2.0 Founders Chris Campbell and Chris Jones?

Chris Jones and Chris Campbell are two members of the Empower Network.

Just like Empower Network founders “Dave and Dave” (David Wood and David Sharpe), iPAS 2.0 has founders “Chris and Chris”.

Chris Campbell and Chris Jones promise to take intelligent, hardworking entrepreneurs and turn them into successful residual income earners.

How are Chris and Chris qualified to do that?

Well, prior to launching iPAS, Chris and Chris founded businesses like SuccessCopilot.com and NewWealthDiscovery.com. Both of these websites were online marketing businesses founded on a similar structure to iPAS.

Both of these websites were multilevel marketing schemes which funneled product commissions to the top of the pyramid. After shutting down these two networks, Chris and Chris launched iPAS in 2011. iPAS rose to huge levels of popularity in 2011 before eventually shutting down.

Now, in 2015, Chris and Chris are launching iPAS 2.0.

How is iPAS 2.0 Different?

iPAS 2.0 aims to succeed where the original iPAS failed. Here are all of the improvements included in iPAS 2.0:

— Improved sales funnels (apparently backed by real scientific data)

— Increased sales commissions

— New training products

— A simplified “Getting Started” series for those who are totally new to online marketing

— Improved “Profit Maximizer” funnel which explains how network marketing businesses funnel money to the highest tiers

— Better tracking systems and analytics reports

— New Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software designed to help build your team

— New membership levels which include different bonuses, leveling up methods, and contests

Essentially, iPAS 2.0 is a refresh on the same formula that made the original iPAS successful.

How Do You Make Money with iPAS 2.0?

All of the money you make with iPAS 2 comes from two different things:

— Commission on Empower Network product sales

— Commission on affiliate fees from those who pay to join iPAS 2.0 or the Empower Network

Someone buys a product through your link and you receive a cut of that purchase (typically 10% to 50% of the purchase price). Or, someone you know signs up for the Empower Network and you receive 100% of their affiliate fee.

The Empower Network and iPAS 2.0 are intimately linked: in fact, iPAS 2.0 is best described as an add-on for your Empower Network membership.

When you subscribe to iPAS 2.0, you’re also subscribing to the Empower Network.

iPAS 2.0 is also designed to appeal particularly to members of the Empower Network’s “Prosperity Group”, which includes an upper tier of members who generate a certain amount of income every month.

Do You Really Earn 100% Commission on Sales?

One of the weird things about iPAS 2.0 is that it advertises the fact that members receive “100% commission on sales”. That makes it sound like you’re either:

— Getting 100% of the revenue from all product sales


— Earning all of the commission on all of the sales you refer

Neither is true: in Chris and Chris’s other businesses, like New Wealth Discovery, all commissions go straight up through the network. You only earn 100% commission on certain product sales.

For example, your 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th product sale commissions might go to the top of the network. Meanwhile, your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and additional sale commissions will go 100% to you.

If you’ve passed first grade math, then you’ll know that this commission structure doesn’t add up to 100%. If you sell 8 products, then you’ll receive 4 full (100%) commissions while giving the other 4 commissions away. In other words, you’re earning 50% commission overall.

You do, however, earn 100% commissions on all affiliate fees paid by people you recruit.

When someone pays $7 to join the Empower Network’s free trial, for example, you earn 100% of that $7.

When you Google iPAS 2.0, you’ll find plenty of websites persuading you to join the network or at least try it out. Many of these websites are doing this because they want to earn that lucrative affiliate fee when you pay to join the business – or at least try it out.

How Much Does iPAS 2 Cost to Join?

iPAS 2.0 sells itself as a franchise-like business. You’re not “paying to join” the company. Instead, you’re “buying into” the business and paying for your website, sales staff, customer service reps, and other franchise-like perks.

That being said, iPAS 2.0 does sell different tiers of membership which resemble the tiers offered by other multilevel marketing-style businesses. Here’s how much you’ll need to pay to join iPAS 2.0:

iPAS2 Bronze Level ($144.95)

— iPAS 2.0 Success System

— Empower Network Viral Blogging System

— Access to Profit Maximizers

— 24/7 Support and Coaching

— Up to 50% Commissions

iPAS2 Silver Level ($644.95)

— Everything included with iPAS 2.0 Pro

— Empower Network Costa Rica Membership

— iPAS 2.0 Coaching Course

— Daily Webinars and Seminars

— Additional Training Videos

iPAS2 Gold Level ($1644.95)

— Everything included with iPAS 2.0 Pro and Silver

— Traffic Sources Training

— Bonuses

— Advanced Training

— “Higher” Commission Fes (exact percentages aren’t disclosed)

iPAS 2.0 Black ($5144.95) [Black Card Discount 4,014.95]

— Everything included with iPAS 2.0 Pro, Silver, and Gold

— Personal Business Coach

— Affiliate Management

— Black Membership Card for VIP Events and Discounts

— Cash Prizes

— Expert Training Material

— Up to 70% Commission Fees

Trial ($7)

View certain training materials and guides on the official iPAS 2.0 website and “peek behind the curtain” of the iPAS 2.0 website, so to speak. You won’t, however, be able to do much more than that.

There are only two types of businesses that you need to pay to join: franchises and multilevel marketing businesses. iPAS 2.0 is somewhere in between both of these business models.

Monthly Fees

For each of the above membership tiers, you’ll also have to pay additional monthly fees. If you don’t pay these monthly fees, then you’re immediately kicked out of the network.

For Silver memberships, those monthly fees include $25 per month for the “Viral Blogging System”.

For Gold memberships, it’s $100 per month for the Inner Circle plus $25 per month for the Viral Blogging System. Total: $125 per month.

For Black memberships, it’s $97 per month for business coaches (Or $39.95 for no businesses coaches) plus $100 per month for the Inner Circle plus $25 per month for the Viral Blogging System. Total: $222 per month.

Disadvantages of iPAS 2.0

iPAS 2.0 isn’t quite perfect. There are some faults that users should be aware of before they begin:

— You’re entirely dependent on Empower Network for your income. If Empower Network products aren’t selling, or if their payments aren’t processing on-time, then you may have a sudden cash flow problem.

— Making a profitable affiliate marketing website is exciting, but your income stream can disappear overnight. Google frequently updates its algorithm, and if you’re a victim of these changes, then your website could disappear from search rankings, taking away your only source of income. Unfortunately, Empower Network websites seem to perform particularly poorly in Google Search results and are considered difficult to rank.

— It costs a lot of money. In exchange for coaching, training materials, a phone center, and a website, you’ll need to pay massive one-time fees ($715 to $14,000) in addition to $25 to $222 in monthly fees. If you want to try out iPAS 2.0, then you may want to join the Empower Network first to get an idea of the products you’ll sell with this system. If you’re confident you can sell those products, then consider upgrading to the iPAS 2.0 system.

I guess what I’m saying is: don’t quit your day job if you’re buying into the iPAS 2.0 system. Even if you start making good money at it, it can all quickly disappear. If you don’t have a day job, then at least save a rainy day fund and set away some of your profits every month.

Conclusion: Who Should Join iPAS 2.0?

iPAS 2.0 advertises itself as a work-from-home system anyone can join to improve their residual income.

It’s true that anyone can join iPAS 2.0. However, most people won’t make money using this system: if you expect to join and instantly start generating thousands of dollars in easy income from home, then I’ve got some bad news for you.

If, however, you join with a commitment to building your network, generating traffic, and diversifying your income streams, then iPAS 2.0 could be an excellent work-at-home opportunity.

Furthermore, in the world of internet marketing, iPAS 2.0 is unique because it sells a share of a business instead of selling a crappy e-book.

For all of these reasons, iPAS 2.0 may be the right system for someone who’s been searching for a network marketing opportunity and feels they would be particularly successful competing in the world of online marketing.

If you’re not ready to work hard, however, then iPAS 2.0 won’t make you a millionaire overnight.

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