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The Concept

What if we informed you of an innovative team (founded by 2 highly successful but equally frustrated ex-MLMers) who wanted to find a better way to leverage the lucrative nature of the world wide web by giving us a commission-heavy concept on a silver platter so we can stack the gold later by acting as nothing more than fancy facilitators and conscious collaborators?

What's that simply imply? That what they have created is not a pie in the sky fourth of July only homerun. This is singles, doubles, triples, and eventually grand slam walk in the park cherry picking at its finest.

This is a shortcut to stealing bases around the diamond that is internet marketing, search optimization and lead generation.

We aim to clear the confusion and clutter (and haters) so don't worry if you are currently battling the MLM teeter-totter marathon or climbing the auspicious affiliate marketing cardio-circuit ladder. (you out of breathe yet?)…time to reup, ante up, and get your god given game up.

How you might ask?

By having a player's pulse, freeing the financially false and collaborating on a course of:

  1. an advanced internet marketing coaching program (vital)
  2. an optimal & professional online training system (pivotal)
  3. an eclectic entrepreneurial-minded community (tribal)

All in the name of…

building a resourceful force that helps local businesses increase their lead generation flow.

Sounds surprisingly simple right?

Once we caught wind of this vital, pivotal, tribal opportunity; for us, it was a light bulb epiphany moment in time – why?

It was all 3 ‘player money' pillars at once;

  • the hands on, over the shoulder how-to (+ live interactive weekly training)
  • the evergreen, perpetual business model (+ infinitely scalable services and locations)
  • the direct driving-force of digital demand (+ marketing rules the Internet's source of traffic)

And best yet – the conceptual and contextual timing to get started immediately is perfect.

All you have to do is schedule a 1-on-1 consultation right now to see if it is a good fit for you.

The Creators

Dan and Brad (two online marketing millionaires who you will cosign on the dotted line if you make a decision to align with us), mastered this process of local business lead generation methodology and opened up their expertise with a grassroots approach back in early 2014.

They realized the major fallacies of network marketing (the back and forth non-balancing act of the teeter-totter) and recognized the inevitable flaws of affiliate marketing (out of breath, chasing your own tail trying to stay on the whats hot and who's who list) and sincerely wanted to be genuine game changers by inventing and investing into their own local marketing to global mentoring training system.

With two completely different contrasting styles and fashions, Dan (the in-your-face, wake-up-and-just-get-shit-done renegade alpha) and Brad (the wittiest, waviest, wordplay writer on the wonderful world wide web), they have come together to create what we believe is one of the best futuristic winning paths to earning residual mailbox money online for a very long time to come.

The Company

The name?

Job Killing

The slogan?

Murder Your 9 – 5 JOB

The action plan?

Just Pull the Trigger

The company's concept and claim to internet fame?

Capitalizing and cashing in on the low-level local competition to leverage leads and sales for business owners and service providers.

Think about it, how prime for the picking could it be with countless cities + reputable services available to choose from? Its a modern day digital gold rush.

And within Job Killing, it's all already built and laid out for you from seed to sprout, from skin and bones, to flesh and blood, to adding meat and potatoes, it's as ‘neato' as an erupting volcano and budding rainbow.

Beginning in the early stages of 2014 to now approaching 1,000 paid student members strong, it is gaining serious attention and attraction from all types of affiliate marketers to network marketers – why?

The digital demand is there – it's refreshing, perpetual, and highly-distinctive from the rest of the cluttered crowd of me-too-copycat products and next-big-thing opportunities.

This mentoring system is designed and dedicated to helping you kill your day JOB once and for all.

It shows you from the inside out how local lead generation works from the ground up and how you can get an endless supply of clients with very little competing competition (unlike your flavor of the week or month MLM).

The Clarity

Before we build a brighter future, our ballless bashing of MLM and network marketing isn't meant to be that brash or harsh. But we did state in our opening line concept that we simply found a better way.

  • Multi-Level Marketing is great long term strategy
  • Affiliate marketing is short-term gambling game

Both profitable and respectable crafts, but it is not the end-all be-all of online marketing.

The only shortcut you can practically get and applicably do – is find a mentor and/or leader who has what you want and masterfully mimic them with your own unique twist and ability.

Much like Dan and Brad, we (who you would be partnering up with if you decide to join the Job Killing coaching program) have created a multiple six figure income streams not using the MLM business model or affiliate marketing program route because we are practicing what we are preaching here.

We get paid (handsomely) to generate leads for local businesses (perpetually).

We truly believe and know the Job Killing local business lead generation model and concept is the solution to you want to be involved with for making money online moving forward.

The Competition

Why does generating leads for local businesses work so incredibly well you might ask?

Well in contrast, MLM and affiliate marketing, you are competing against hundreds of thousands of competitors who are all vying for that top spot and positioning.

In your respective small town or big city location, how many possible plumbers, lawn care/landscapers, maids/cleaners, chefs, limos etc could there possibly be?

You get the point.

Look, there are two undeniable reasons you’ve never made money online:

  1. Competition
  2. Lack of skills

Well guess what?

The “Job Killing Local Lead Generation Coaching Program” is the savvy solution for that problematic pollution.

Say goodbye to competing against 100,000+ individuals, we compete against a handful.

Say goodbye to expensive add-ons and up-sells galore – we master one skill set, online lead generation.

Say hello to your new way to make player money online.

The Commissions

Evergreen? Value-Driven? Results-Oriented? Foundationally-Sound?

You bet, it’s no surprise this works incredibly well for the current Job Killing coaching students.

First let's show you some recent 2015 Job Killing Updates then followed up by a few of the real money making case studies inside the program for action takers who are supplying local businesses with targeted leads.





Still playing humpty dumpty on the sidelines?

Check out these success stories of students utilizing and leveraging the coaching, training and community inside Job Killing.

job killing results

“I’m not done with my site and it’s already getting leads,” says about every student who follows through like Stephen Curry.

Layups and free throws, people.

Let's continue,

job killing success

Another lead generation partnership gone right. Gee, I’m shocked.

Then there’s Ryan. Who now ranks on page 1 in a “tough” local market:

job killing students

Just goes to show you what me mean about MLM vs affiliate marketing vs local business competition. Local markets can look amateur compared against network/affiliate marketing.

Funny thing is, our testimonials have testimonials.

In the thread below Ryan’s post, Callum announced this:

job killing comments

Earlier this year, Here. We. Go. Again.

Henry is gaining ground in a bigger local market:

job killing local lead generation

Like he said, we encourage you to start in smaller cities and suburbs just to get some fast wins under your belt. Big cities are still very doable, but take a little longer to dominate.

I scrolled a little farther down the page and saw this (also from Henry):

job killing student success

And Emeka — who not only likes local lead generation is also in medical school — and has this going for her:

job killing facebook

And Kevin’s doing his thing ranking and banking:

job killer

Oh, and a $100 limo lead given to from Jeremy:

job killing guide

Seen enough?

Ok let's do more then.

job killing local seo

Collecting checks:

job killing commissions

And this:

job killing checks

And this, too:

job killing mentors

Even home mortgages:

job killing clients

And this:

Yep, and murdering 9-5’s:

killing jobs


Please let us know if you have any questions about Job Killing in the comments below.

This is a very serious coaching program and the cost and pricing options of Job Killing will be discussed once you schedule a free consultation call with one of the Job Killing coaches.

Let us know what you think of our Job Killing review, local lead generation strategy, and the ability to make player money online!

See you on the inside, ft. Brad Campbell & Dan Klein

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