lottery checkmate

Lottery Checkmate is a system for winning the lottery that is based on the game of chess. The exact connection between the lottery and chess is unclear, as the former is based on luck while the latter is a game of intellect and skill.

Nevertheless, Lottery Checkmate claims that the chess-based system is applicable to lottery games that involve picking five, six, or seven numbers.

What Is Lottery Checkmate?

The Lottery Checkmate website tells us that the system was the creation of Sergey Tabin, who writes on the website that he is a (presumably professional) chess player from Russia.

However, there’s no way to confirm his status as a chess player, as a Google search of Tabin only brings up pages related to Lottery Checkmate. There are also no current social media accounts linked to Tabin, so confirming his identity and learning any information about him is difficult.

To be fair, on the “About” page of Lottery Checkmate’s website, Tabin states that he was born in 1974, is married, and lives in Russia. He says that he’s played chess most of his life and has won major tournaments in that country.

That’s all well and good, but it says little about his credentials for creating a system to win the lottery.

Tabin explains that in 2009 he caught the “lottery bug” and read up on a variety of lottery systems, only to be disappointed when they didn’t work for him. Thus, he decided to create his own formula, and Lottery Checkmate was born.

However, no other information about the history of Lottery Checkmate or Tabin’s professional life is given.

The Product

The Lottery Checkmate comes in the form of a PDF that is compatible with eReaders. In addition to Tabin’s system for winning the lottery, Lottery Checkmate includes instructions about playing the lottery online, several lottery wheels, and an overview of mistakes people often make while playing the lottery.

On the Lottery Checkmate site, Tabin also pledges that you will receive updates as he makes improvements to the system. He also promises that those who buy his system can contact him at any time with any questions they may have.

The Opportunity

The price of the Lottery Checkmate is listed at $26.99, down from $37. The site also mentions a promotion in which every third person who buys the system will receive a full refund on their purchase.

There is also an affiliate system in which you can help promote Lottery Checkmate and earn 60% commission for every sale. It appears all that’s required to become a Lottery Checkmate affiliate is a ClickBank account.

The Verdict

It’s hard to say with absolute certainty that Lottery Checkmate is just another lottery system scam that won’t work and is only there to swindle gullible people who believe there’s a secret to winning the lottery. However, it’s likely that Lottery Checkmate is such a scheme.

Aside from the fact that it’s hard to confirm who Tabin is, there’s no clear connection between winning the lottery and playing the game of chess.

There are also no specifics given by Tabin as to how he created his system and why his background in chess was important in him being able to (allegedly) figure out the secret to winning the lottery.

To be fair, Lottery Checkmate doesn’t resort to using testimonials or pictures of lottery winners that are so obviously fake the way other lottery systems do. This is a nice change of pace and does distinguish Lottery Checkmate from similar offers.

However, it doesn’t mean that Lottery Checkmate is going to work; it’s hard to envision a (supposed) chess pro from Russia finding the secret to winning the lottery. Of course, Lottery Checkmate isn’t all that expensive, and for $26.99, it could be an interesting read if you’re into fantasy stories.

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