lotto crusher

Lotto Crusher is a system for predicting winning lottery numbers. It is sold by affiliates who promote the product as a way to help you make money by winning the lottery. However, the system is deeply flawed and is most likely a scam that will have no payoff in the long run.

What Is Lotto Crusher?

The Lotto Crusher website is little more than a link to a low-budget video explaining the Lotto Crusher system. The video does nothing to tell you how long it is and offers little in terms of graphics.

It’s merely a long, drawn out story about a person who won the lottery so many times that a convenience store owner pointed a gun at him because he was tired of paying off so many winning lotto tickets, a tale that would be too convoluted to believe even if it were the opening scene in a low-budget horror movie.

After the anecdote about the convenience store clerk, the person in the video talks about making thousands of dollars playing the lottery and all of the wonderful things he was able to do with the money, like pay off his debts and take his family on vacation.

He then reads letters people have written to him thanking him for their success winning the lotto. However, there’s no way to authenticate these letters, and most are written in a generic way that makes one suspicious regarding whether or not they are real.

The voice in the video is a man named Everett Thompson, although he doesn’t introduce himself until late in the video, which is an odd choice. However, there’s no information on the Lotto Crusher site about him.

A Google search provides no other information, as the only pages that come up are related to the Lotto Crusher system and whether or not it is a legitimate system. During the video, Everett claims on to be a mathematician, but there’s no way to confirm this or any credentials he may have.

The Product

The product mentioned by Everett in the video is called the Lotto Pressure System. As he explains in the video, Everett found the names of more than two dozen people who had won the lottery multiple times, tracked them down, and learned each person’s unique secret to winning the lottery.

Everett says he took all the information collected from the lottery winners and then spent the next two years coming up with his own formula for winning the lottery based on all he learned from past winners. He says that formula is what he is now selling as the Lotto Pressure System.

In the video, Everett explains the process, which involves taking the winning numbers of the past seven draws and plugging them into the formula he has created, bragging that he has already done the math for you.

The Opportunity

Everett claims that with his formula, you won’t win millions playing the lottery, but you can expect to win a sizable amount of money every few months.

He expects the formula to help you net roughly $20,000 once or twice a month, which over an extended period of time will result in financial security.

Finally, at the end of the long-winded video, Everett makes his sales pitch. He says that his formula is only available on his website, and that he has lowered the price from $250 to $197.

He then uses one of the oldest sales tricks in the book, claiming that he’s only selling the formula to 175 people and that 124 have already purchased it, creating a sense of urgency and imploring you to click the “Add To Cart” button right below the video.

The Verdict

Of course, Everett’s Lotto Crusher is a complete scam. There is no formula for winning the lottery; it is simply a matter of luck. There is no way for Everett or anyone else to guarantee success in any lottery game.

Moreover, there’s no way to confirm Everett’s identity or credentials, or the identity of the people who wrote to him thanking him for the Lotto Crusher system.

Even if a lottery formula was plausible, there is no way to confirm the credibility of Everett’s formula, making Lotto Crusher nothing more than a cheap ploy to deceive desperate people.

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