MOBE Review – Is My Online Business Education Worth It?

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Did you know that right now there’s a rush to educate the newest generation of online marketers? Since this stuff isn’t taught in schools, several savvy “thought leaders” or online marketing mavericks have stepped in with their own education systems (online of course). Millionaire Marketing Machine, part of MOBE, is one of them.

The Company

My Online Business Empire started in 2011 and is now a multi-million dollar company. The business-minded human behind the company is Matt Lloyd, who claims he knew nothing about online marketing back in 2008 and has learned it all since. Now he’s happy to share all his knowledge with you…for a price, of course.

Mr. Lloyd makes no bones about the fact that he wants you to buy his products, however. He wants you to succeed so you come back and buy more of them, in his words.

One thing they’re proud of is their strong community. Indeed, the videos from a recent retreat show a really happy-looking crowd. That’s hard to fake, honestly. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I also completely fell for the moment in the promo video for MOBE where Matt Lloyd breaks the news to an affiliate that she’s just made $8000. It seems so real, so maybe it is. In any case, I want to know more.

The Product

MOBE products do things like help you write sales letters and create sales funnels. The coaching side of the product includes how to do phone sales, which is an extremely valuable part of any marketing campaign (it’s also ignored by a lot of online businesses, too, leaving thousands of dollars on the table every year).

The online marketer does things like write sales letters and create sales funnels. MOBE simplifies everything by doing a lot of the work for you. You simply send the traffic.

Their USP is one-on-one coaching where a live person will help you when you call them on the phone.

Highlights of the product:

  • Coaching
  • Phone Sales

The coaching is divided into 21 steps, which take several weeks to get through. The bite-sized pieces of information are presented in a progressive manner so they’re easy to digest and they build on each other. Chances of succeeding in an online business are set to rise dramatically after working through the 21 steps.

The Compensation Plan

MOBE has already paid out tens of millions of dollars in commissions, and the inclusion of high ticket items in the product range may have a lot to do with that.

High ticket items, defined here as anything that sells for over $2,000, include things like retreats and mastermind conferences. One of these is called the “Super Charge Seminar” where participants get to meet and discuss 1-on-1 with top earners how to increase their commissions.

4 Ways to Join

  1. MOBE Affiliate Program. Get 50% commission for selling the marketing products (the ones under $500 anyway). Anything over $500 brings no commission.
  2. MOBE License. Now you get 90% commission on products under $500 and 50% commission on products over $500. You also get access to more marketing documents so you can learn more and sell more.
  3. Titanium Membership. As part of the “Mastermind” club, you get some nice perks like a paid-for retreat for two, private consulting sessions, 500 leads, 50% discounts on services, and a huge should one of your proteges become Titanium, too.
  4. Platinum Mastermind. Get 1,000 leads and even bigger bonus when a protege makes it to Platinum. You also get two more training programs.

The Verdict

It’s true, there are several competitors vying for the loyalty of the online marketing student. My Online Business Education stands out, however. The solid belief in their high ticket items draws you in, and Matt Lloyd’s careful coaxing manner keeps you interested. The compensation plan is stupendous (50% and 90% commissions!) and the product appears to be genuinely useful. Definitely worth a second look.

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  1. Dan Doyle

    There is hope for those of you who have been robbed by MOBE. You can look up clientsrfirst who will recover your $$$ for a percentage. Something is better than nothing (and that’s exactly what you will get from the thieves at MOBE) Good luck because MOBE sucks !!!

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