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The Fantastic 4 Steps to More Sales and Sign Ups (or simply More Sales and Sign Ups) is an online marketing training course for internet marketers looking to hone their abilities to market products and services online.

What Is More Sales and Sign Ups?

More Sales and Sign Ups is created by Marlon Hurd, a well-known internet marketer and public speaker who goes by the moniker of “The Valuenaire” and lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Hurd has an impressive array of accolades on his LinkedIn page, with many endorsements in the public speaking, leadership, and networking skills, to name a few.

Hurd claims to have been working in direct sales since 2002 and has been marketing online since 2010. The More Sales and Sign Ups website, was registered publicly to Hurd in November of 2016.

The Product

More Sales and Sign Ups is a four-module training program. Each module is in the form of a video, covering topics such as how to share your value, how to get more engagement, how to build the relationship, and how to get the sale or sign up.

More Sales and Sign Ups also offers several value-added bonus products as well. These bonuses include:

  • 3 free online marketing downloads
  • a trial membership with the MLSP online marketing training venue
  • training to create your own PowerPoint presentations
  • “Crush It In Your MLM Business” Facebook training

The total cost of this package is $47. Sales are made through ClickBank.

The Opportunity

Hurd offers an affiliate marketing opportunity for anyone interested in earning a commission on referrals.

Anyone who refers a customer that purchases More Sales and Sign Ups is entitled to 50% commissions of the product price after ClickBank fees, which provides a real dollar value of $21.24 per referred sale.

As always, affiliate marketing through ClickBank is free for the affiliate.


Hurd has a relatively good reputation when it comes to internet marketing and direct sales. This makes the product itself and the affiliate opportunity a positive one in terms of quality and transparency – two things that are often severely lacking when it comes to internet affiliate sales opportunities.

However, while Hurd's product seems to have a relatively high amount of value, the target for this product is rather niche.

Affiliates marketing More Sales and Sign Ups are going to be successful only in targeting fellow internet marketers, who then may turn around and attempt to market the product themselves in a strange instance of a snake eating its own tail.

Still, the low cost of the training package may be worth giving it a try, especially considering the voluminous amount of bonus material included. The affiliate commission is a bit on the low side however, which may not make it the most lucrative choice for marketers.

Additionally, there is one instance where Hurd may have been involved in not an outright scam but in another MLM project that has been flagged as possibly problematic.

Several other review sites have linked Hurd to an MLM scheme known as Volishon, a travel discount subscription membership program. Hurd is listed as the company's Vice-President and Director of Training.

There are concerns with Volishon's affiliate compensation scheme that may put the company at odds with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

There is a possible interpretation that the affiliate scheme may constitute “investment activity,” something that is expressly forbid by the SEC unless a company is registered with the commission.

Whether this has any bearing on Hurd's product he's offering here or the affiliate opportunity he's offering for anyone interested in marketing the product is ultimately up to the consumer.

The information we've shared about Volishon is in the interest of full disclosure and allowing prospective customers and affiliates to make informed decisions before becoming involved with individuals or companies, and doesn't necessarily constitute us accusing Hurd of wrongdoing.

Of course it doesn't exonerate him, either. That kind of value judgment is for you to make.

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