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Have you ever wanted to stay at home and still earn money? Of course, who doesn't? But there are hardly any opportunities out there that allow you to make decent money from home.

Sure, you could go with one of the sites that have you in front of the computer inputting data. Those sites don't pay very much. In fact when it comes to trying to find work from home, many of the sites you come across aren't even worth your time.

So what about My Residual Income? Well, My Residual Income is a work from home opportunity that can make you money on a weekly basis. The tasks are as simple as processing emails right from the comfort of your home.

No more punching the clock. No more boss. With My Residual Income, you can start living the life you have always wanted.

Show Me the Money

Just image making up to $25 for every single email you process. The amount adds up pretty quickly especially if you start doing it full time.

There are so many people out there right now processing emails from home and making more than ever before. Just think this time next month you could be one of those people sitting at home in your pj's making more money than you did at your 9 to 5.

My Residual Income isn't like other sites that say one thing just to get you to sign up. In fact, you are paid daily unlike some that hold your money until the end of the month.

The In's and Out's

So, what exactly will you be doing to make $25 per email you process? Well, it's very simple, you will be reselling My Residual Income. That's right, the price for My Residual Income is $25.

So when you purchase the package deal and are sent instructions on how to handle emails, what is happening is you are just re-selling the system to make money.

Now for some this may seem like cheating. On one hand, it is. After all, all you have to do is copy and paste the email templates into your email lists or website and get people to pay you for the information.

Once you process your customer's order and send out the instructions, you have made $25. Pretty simple right? For some, it can be. In order to really make this system work for you, you have to have an active email list in place.

If you are just starting out in email marketing and don't have at least 1,000 emails opted in to receive notices from you, this system won't work.

You see the trick with My Residual Income and sites like it, you have to have your bases covered first before you jump in. Too many people see the dollar sign and think they can do the job and get sales only to fall short.

If you build your list first and then sign up, you will have a great chance to succeed.

What Is My Residual Income?

According to, was registered August 5, 2015, and was updated July 21, 2016. The site is set to private making it difficult to determine who actually owns and operates the site.

The reason behind the privacy is that the site is a stationary site that is used by several different people. The only thing that changes is the PayPal account in which the $25 goes into. When you purchase My Residual Income, you are paying someone $25.

Then you are now the next owner of the site with a unique link that allows you to put your PayPal address in the slot so you can get paid.

The Product

My Residual Income is actually a really easy way to make money if you know what you are doing. Don't think that just because it states that the work is super easy, that there isn't any work to do. On the contrary, with systems like this, you are constantly hustling to get the sale.

You have to plaster the website pretty much everywhere you roam.  Sites like My Residual Income and many others work best if you have an established site or fan page.

To get started, you have to pay the $25 then wait up to 25-30 minutes for the email instructions to be sent to you. This is because someone on the other end of the email is “processing” your payment and making sure there are no mistakes on where to send the information and instructions to.

Once you get the instructions on how to set up your landing page for My Residual Income, you are on your way.

The Opportunity

My Residual Income is one giant opportunity. Since there is no real product you are selling, only the packaged plan. The system is like one big affiliate marketing plan. Sell My Residual Income for the stated amount of $25 and get your money back.

Then continue to sell or promote the plan and bring in $25 for every person you get to sign up.

The Verdict

So how do you know My Residual Income is a system that is resold? Well, you can see it right on the sales page. You see the site gives you four basic steps to follow. The first step is to check your email daily. Next, you have to send out the instruction material to those who paid for it.

From there you will notice that you have a notification from PayPal stating a payment has been made. All these steps show very clearly the cycle in which My Residual Income follows.

Now some will say that you aren't processing emails, but you are. You see when you sign up you are emailed instructions. Those same instructions are what you have to send out to others who purchase the plan from you.

The only downside with this system is getting people to sign up and pay you. Once they realize that it is a cycle and there is nothing special about what they are doing, many people lose interest.

My Residual Income is geared for people who don't intend on making it a full-time gig but only a sporadic endeavor to earn a quick buck. Sure you can earn a lot of money with the system if you market it correctly and don’t follow the plan of posting emails on Craigslist or other sites like Craigslist.

Getting My Residual Income to Work for You

If you really want to earn money with this system there are basically three ways for you to do so.

First, start a website that is in the niche of making money and promote My Residual Income as the top way to earn. Then you will need to be active on as many social media sites as possible to get the word out about your new site and My Residual Income.

Don’t forget to start building your email list during this time as well. Just because someone visits your site once doesn’t mean they will be back. You need to get as many people to opt in to receive notices from you so you can promote any and all products including My Residual Income.

The second way is to follow the simple instructions and post emails and sales pages to sites like Craigslist. If you are going this route though you need to be completely honest and up front about what the job entails. Far too often you will run across ads on Craigslist that are downright spam.

You don’t want that if you are trying to make sales. Think outside the box and make the ads creative, to the point, and as honest as you can. Don’t try to sell the product, sell the idea.

Lastly, you can go straight to social media and your friend's list and promote My Residual Income straight from the social media site without a website to prove your expertise on any particular niche. Going straight to social media is a bit of a challenge.

That is why the best way to get My Residual Income to work for you is by building a site and an email list before hitting the social media scene.


My Residual Income isn’t all that bad. There are far worse sites out there that just want to steal your money. This system is offering you a way to get your money back and make more in the process. Of course, once the system is broken down to the basics some may lose interest.

However, if you follow the plan and all the steps as well as think outside the box, My Residual Income really can work for you.

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