push button profits

Push Button Profits (PBP) is a MLM scheme that funnels memberships to Traffic Authority, a paid website traffic provider.

What Is Push Button Profits?

There's no information on the PBP site revealing who is running the company. Additionally the site itself is registered anonymously.

However, other independent review sites have identified as Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliott, two internet marketers who have worked together in the past on other internet marketing companies such as Commission Check Club.

The Product

PBP has no products of its own. Instead, it acts as an affiliate website promoting Traffic Authority's membership packages, the $47 a month “Starter” package or the $144 a month “Top Earner” package.

In addition to the membership packages, members can then purchase advertising traffic as well. These packages start at $220 and run as expensive as nearly $8,400 and promise to provide the member with a set number of advertising clicks (with no guarantee of conversions into new customers).

The Opportunity

PBP offers no direct opportunities except for those offered through Traffic Authority. Individuals who click your ads and decide to join Traffic Authority to resell ad packages themselves will provide you with a commission.

Rates vary according to the level of ad package a referral purchases – the $2,200 “Platinum” package, for example, nets a sponsor $500 in commissions.


There's little in the way that makes PBP or Traffic Authority an attractive choice. In fact, we can't think of one thing to recommend either companies to prospective customers.

In essence, PBP is nothing but a sales funnel for Traffic Authority, as it offers no products, services, or referral opportunities in and of itself.

It's more likely that the site owners are simply using PBP to pad their own recruitment for their personal Traffic Authority accounts and therefore profiting off anyone who signs up through them.

All's fair in love and war, we suppose, but it seems rather dishonest to set up what looks like a completely independent online business opportunity only to have its primary focus – and apparently only focus –  lead directly into another company.

As far as Traffic Authority, it's rather well-proven that while web traffic retailers might guarantee their customers a set number of clicks or site views, there's little evidence that these paid clicks convert well at all.

In fact, there are many independent reviews out there with negative testimonials for Traffic Authority that describe how purchasing expensive traffic packages resulted in only one referral.

With the high ticket price of these traffic packages – the most affordable one is $220, independent of the membership price – a single referral does little in the way of creating lucrative online income opportunities.

It seems more likely that the creators of Traffic Authority has simply found an efficient way to separate credulous internet marketers from their money; meanwhile, the individuals behind PBP are doing their best to facilitate this process by funneling new business towards Traffic Authority (and conveniently taking a cut in the process).

This behavior doesn't seem to be much of a stretch or out of character for the two founders of PBP. Gardner and Elliott's prior endeavors have been classified as scams in the past, especially Commission Check Club.

Some negative testimonials dating to the 2008 online business even refer to it as a “sales funnel” operating similarly in the way that PBP functions now for Traffic Authority, making us feel that Gardner and Elliott are up to their own tricks once again.

It's our opinion that becoming involved in PBP is a poor idea. It's a sales funnel run by individuals who have been accused of doing so in the past, and it's linked to a MLM scheme selling website traffic that doesn't seem to be an effective method for doing anything but removing vast sums of cash from the bank accounts of their affiliates.

You're likely to get a better return on your investment by simply lighting your retirement fund on fire.

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