Surge 365 Travel Review

Launched in March 2015, Surge 365 is a relatively new multilevel marketing company that has surprisingly little to do with travel.

Find out everything you need to know about the company today in our Surge 365 Travel review.

Surge 365 Travel

What is Surge 365 Travel?

Surge 365 Travel officially began its direct sales operations on March 2, 2015. The company itself had been in pre-launch phase since around October 2014, which is when the domain was registered.

The company is led by President James Tackett. Tackett claims to have worked for over 50 of the top direct sales companies in the world. In one early press release about the company, Tackett claims to have worked for Avon, Herbalife, Oriflame, and Primerica.

Surge 365 Travel is Hackett’s first MLM venture as a corporate executive. In the official launch video on the Surge 365 Travel website, Hackett says he’s spent 28 years in the industry although he’s mostly been “behind the scenes”, where he worked primarily in video marketing.

What Does Surge 365 Travel Sell?

Surge 365 Travel sells a $59.95 monthly membership. That membership gives you access to five different additional products, all of which cost extra money. The primary product being bought and sold through Surge 365 Travel is the $59.95 monthly membership fee, which you’ll need to pay if you want to earn affiliate incomes from other affiliates in your network.

There are currently five main products accessible to Surge 365 members. Those products include:

A College Education

“A college education” is a loose term here. In exchange for $50 per month, Surge 365 offers users access to online education through a Taiwanese university called Aletheia University. That university degree can be completed entirely online.

You can receive an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, or honorary degree through the program. The university is a legitimate university. At its physical location in Taiwan, the university has a campus, dorms, real students, and a real history. There’s even a Wikipedia article about Aletheia University.

Telehealth and Discounts

Telehealth gives users 24/7 access to physicians across the United States. All physicians are U.S.-licensed and can recommend treatment based on your symptoms. The telehealth system is for non-emergency medical conditions only. If you suffer from allergies, pink eye, ear infection, or urinary tract infections, for example, then you can receive fast treatment over the phone or videoconferencing.

The Surge 365 Travel health care system also provides prescriptions with discounts of up to 85%, 10% to 60% savings on contact lenses and glasses, 15% to 50% discounts on dental visits for cleanings and root canals, diabetic management, electronic healthy record,

Shopping Deals

You can get discounts and cashback when you buy products and services at the Surge 365 Travel online store. The online store is affiliated with the Pro Travel Network, which sells flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, and other similar deals. This is where the name Surge 365 “Travel” comes from (although Travel makes up just a small part of the overall product).

Financial & Legal Assistance

You can get complementary tax guidance and financial information through the Surge 365 Travel network.

You get legal access through a national discounted referral service. You pay 40% off the regular attorney hourly rates or $125 per hour, whichever is greater.

You also get a 10% discount on all contingency-based cases. After signing up, you’ll also receive 9 free services, including unlimited initial phone consultations, document review, help with government programs, and more.

Identity Theft Protection

This product covers your lost wages if your identity is stolen and you have to take time off from work. You also get coverage for certain expenses related to recovering your identity along with coverage for legal costs associated with defending yourself in civil suits.

Other Benefits

Surge 365 Travel is still in the mysterious early launch phases of its business cycle. The company has vaguely promised other benefits, like discounted travel, but the benefits listed above are the primary products currently being advertised.

Surge 365 Travel Compensation Plan

One of the unique things about Surge 365 Travel is that you can join for free. Unlike most other multilevel marketing businesses and network marketing companies, you don’t have to pay to join.

Other key features of the compensation plan include:

— $50 for every new member you personally enroll (100% payout with nothing held back for the company)

— $20 on new members in your next level

— $1000 for every 7 new member sales

— Advance and earn $70 on new personally enrolled members and $40 down one level

— Advance again by getting 100 members and the numbers above increase to $80 and $50, respectively

— Other bonuses, including a free Dodge Challenger car for high-ranking members (no lease)

Surge 365 Travel Pricing

Pricing is hard to find during the early stages of Surge 365 Travel. Currently, the official Surge 365 Travel website simply features a half hour long video with James Tackett with no detailed explanations of pricing or other data.

In that video, Tackett does claim that Surge 365 membership will cost “less than four hundred dollars.” Could the membership price be $365 (like the company’s name)? We’ll have to wait to find out.

With a little research, you’ll learn the following additional information about the Surge 365 Travel compensation plan:

— You need to pay a monthly fee of $59.95 in order to earn commissions through Surge 365 Travel (so it’s not exactly free to join)

— You earn $2 per affiliate at the lowest Team Builder rank, $4 per affiliate at the Regional Team Builder rank, and $6 per affiliate at the National Team Builder rank.

— If you recruit 500 affiliates into your downline, then you will qualify as a National Marketing Director. You receive $2000 per month in bonus commission and a new Dodge Charger or Challenger vehicle. You get the actual car with no lease.

Should You Join Surge 365 Travel?

Surge 365 Travel is in the earliest stages of its life as a multilevel marketing company. It claimed to launch in March 2015 – although very little information is available online from the company or from any official affiliates.

Perhaps the weirdest part about Surge 365 Travel is that it doesn’t really sell anything: all earnings are generated through the $59.95 affiliate fee. You pay the monthly fee to join, and then you attempt to recruit others to also pay that fee in your downline. If you recruit enough people in your downline, you’ll be able to make a lot of money.

Members do gain access to some bonuses, like slightly-discounted travel packages through the Pro Travel Network online store. You also get access to an online education in Taiwan and a network of doctors and lawyers across America. None of these things are included in the basic membership price for Surge 365 Travel, so you’ll need to pay extra.

Ultimately, as long as Surge 365 Travel affiliates continue paying the $59.95 monthly fee, the business will likely stay afloat. At this point, there are two major concerns about Surge 365 Travel: first, since the business doesn’t really sell anything, it’s at risk of being classified as a pyramid scheme by US regulators. And second, most MLMs don’t survive the first year of business, which makes signing up for any young MLM company a risky proposition.

If neither of those things bother you, and you think you can convince others to pay $59.95 to join an online business, then Surge 365 Travel may be the right opportunity for you.

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