the lotto life

The Lotto Life is a system for playing and winning the lottery. Its website claims to have helped thousands of people over the last quarter-century win millions of dollars playing the lottery.

The Lotto Life claims to be applicable to over 100 different lottery games throughout the world, and believes it is far superior to other systems and formulas that help people win the lottery.

What Is The Lotto Life?

The Lotto Life is the creation of Ken Silver, who shares his story on the Lotto Life website. His is the classic rags-to-riches story in which he was working a dead-end job with no hope in sight until he discovered the secret to winning the lottery.

As a result, he’s now living the good life with fancy cars, large TVs, and more money than he could ever imagine. Now, because he’s so generous, he’s sharing his secret for winning the lottery with others, putting dozens of testimonials on his website to prove it.

However, there’s little information available about Silver on the website.

The “About” page has four tiny paragraphs about Silver, telling us that he developed the Silver Lotto System in 1991, that he has testimonials to prove the value of the system, and that he has written several eBooks on various topics.

But a Google search found no such books or any additional information about Silver.

A Google search does confirm that there are several other Ken Silvers in the world, many of whom are successful in their field, but there are no social media accounts or other sites that give any pertinent information about the Ken Silver that runs Lotto Life.

The Lotto Life website itself is an insult to modern web design. The home page is long and exhausting to scroll through, providing little substance other than pictures of expensive cars and poorly-written testimonials about Silver’s system.

However, the oddest part of the website is on the “About” page. Below the short paragraphs about Silver are more than a dozen polls asking users unusual questions that are vaguely related to winning the lottery.

The Product

Surprisingly, the Lotto Life website does have a page where it lists its five products. They are:

  • Silver Lotto System – A monthly membership of $12.95 that covers basic lottery predictions and offers free updates and coaching until your first winning ticket.
  • Pro Custom Profiles – A supplement to the Silver Lotto System that costs $88 and promises to enhance your lottery winnings.
  • Standard Custom Profiles – Helps you avoid having to figure out the Silver Lotto System on your own by figuring out the numbers for you. The cost is $37.
  • Winner’s Circle – A membership of $29.95 per month in which Silver plays lottery games and shares his winnings with you. However, spots are only available when a current member leaves.
  • Lifetime Licensing Rights – Offers the ability to become a Lotto Life affiliate, earning a commission for driving traffic to the site.

The Opportunity

Through the five products offered by Lotto Life, particularly the Silver Lotto System, Silver is offering the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of thousands of others who have won meaningful amounts of money in the lottery.

Silver pledges to share his 7-step process for winning the lottery that he says will take less than 30 minutes. He promises that spending as little as $15 on tickets is enough to win money using his system, although spending more will result in winning more.

Silver also promises a 98% success rate and that his system is far easier to use than similar lottery systems.

The Verdict

Like most lottery systems that guarantee results, Silver’s Lotto Life is a scam meant to swindle people looking for an easy way to make money.

Silver has done a fine job of creating a network of affiliates to back up his claims, but there’s no proof of his success outside the Lotto Life website and no information about Silver that can backup any of his claims or even confirm he is who he says he is.

It’s easy to get excited about the idea of winning the lottery, but even if there were a system to guarantee winning, there’s no evidence that Silver is capable or qualified of figuring out such a system. The Lotto Life website gives no indication on the background of the system or how it was devised.

This combined with the lack of credible information about Silver and a lackluster website should leave little doubt that Lotto Life is just another scam.

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