Traffic Authority Review

No, this is not a job site for wanna-be meter maids and traffic cops.  This is Traffic Authority the “traffic solution” MLM and they're currently launching as this goes to press.

This company is in the game of brokering internet traffic, tools, and training via a multi-level marketing structure.  The tools are described as “premium” and the opportunity is likened to that of being the next Google or Facebook.

With that sort of introduction, Traffic Authority just begs investigation!  Right now their website features a single promotional video, and boy what a promotion it is.  The hokey narration and exclamatory statements are straight out of last-century marketing commercials…

“every internet marketer is going to want to get in on this…and start making those huge commission checks as soon as they can!”

Traffic Authority Promotional Pre-Launch Video

But let's give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they're really offering.  A look behind the scenes should tell us whether the products have value and what the opportunity for earning income really might be.

The Company

The founders of Traffic Authority are Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey.  They formerly headed up CPC Broker, which according to no verifiable source generated over $10 million in sales.

These three men also formerly ran Infinite Leverage, which I discovered while watching the TA promo video.  They used the phrase “infinite leverage” to describe the program…and that rang a bell.  A little digging and I found an MLM company with that name (lo and behold selling the same stuff).  A little more digging and I connected Doug Wellens to the ILS company via an ancient WordPress blog from 2009.

The Product

During Beta Launch, reviewers found the product to be a huge success…according to Traffic Authority, that is.  Traffic Authority describes their products as “premium” tools:

  • Capture Page Builder- templates for capture pages
  • Advanced Link Tracking- stats for targeting visitors
  • Money making Pop Ups
  • Mobile Monitoring and Redirection
  • Countdown Timers
  • Split Testers
  • Website Rotators

All of these products are available elsewhere in one form or another for free by the way…or very close to free.

Members are advised to set up social media accounts and start generating leads for prospective customers for the above products.  They're also advised to purchase clicks from a “trusted partner”, “Igor Solo Ads”.

The Opportunity

Members who join Traffic Authority are supposedly getting paid to send traffic to online businesses by cashing in on their platforms.  These platforms are meant to resemble those of Google and Facebook, who “make millions and don't even have a product”.

The idea is to build your own online business platform empire without thousands of employees, overhead, technical knowledge, marketing departments, or …money!  You use the business tools described earlier, then sell them to others who become part of the TA family, and more importantly: your downlines.  As you develop your team you promote more tools to them and when they buy, you get commissions.

Just what are the commissions and how much do the products cost? You got me!

The Verdict

I'm sorry but if all you have during pre-launch is the world's most outdated youtube video hawking your program like an As Seen on TV infomercial from 1986, then there's not much hope from this side of things that this is going to be an exciting opportunity.

Judging from the way the pre-launch video was created, the target audience is dumb, dumb, and dumber.  Unconvincing testimonials (which everyone knows are so easy to fake), repetitive exclamations of how huge the commission checks are going to be, and thinly veiled warnings to join quick before it's too late.  Really?  Is that how you market to the internet crowd these days?  Because I thought we'd all grown up and were demanding more.

When other MLM companies are working hard to get into the Direct Selling Association, appeal to Millenials, create good products, and develop long-term strategies for real growth, it just makes pre-launch campaigns like this one look so flimsy, unappealing, and risky.

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  1. Hi,
    I am testing TrafficAuthority as well and made my first commissions and I’m already positioned for the “Bronze-Level” WITHOUT any payments for the Traffic packages!!!

    How did it work for me?
    I have only the Reseller License for $20/month and I promote it without paid traffic. I have had already my e-mail list and use this mainly for promoting.
    New subscribers do I find on Facebook by talking and connecting with people who are interested in this business. On that way you can find endless hot leads….

    Ok, back to TrafficAuthority….
    I made some sales of Reseller License what brings me an residual income of $10 each….
    Some of them bought traffic packages…
    I got positioned for the Bronze-Level, because I made sales about $1.400…..
    To get positioned and qualified you need to sell 3 times the amount of the package (3x $440 = $1.320). Thats it to get qualified !!!

    I am “in” since 3 month now, that means I paid $60 to get my Bronze-Level……

    As I told you I never used the Traffic from them, but I can see in my downline that it works for them.

    With first few it seems that the Traffic is expensive, but you get not only the Traffic, you get the License to make your commissions as well…..

    I think I will try out the traffic later…..


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