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Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam?

Traffic Monsoon isn't the only paid-to-click game in town, but it does have several features which make it a likely candidate for anyone who thinks they can game that system by either making money or procuring quality traffic to their website.

You'll see what those features are below, but first a little bit about the company.

The Company

Traffic Monsoon is just about one year old, and their website reveals little about who runs the company or anything else about the company, frankly.  Seems they haven't latched onto the new generation of internet businesses who believe in transparency and all those other trappings of the real business world that have made their way into the network marketing arena.

We just reviewed the premium high traffic academy and you will quickly see the differences between these 2 advertising/online traffic generation companies and services.

Nope, there's nothing to give the potential “joiner” any confidence that this company will still be afloat a year from now.  Neither are there any nods to any type of company data such as growth stats or revenue over the past year.

Other oddities that seem a little amateurish:

  1. There are unattributed testimonials from “ghosts”, always a good sign.
  2. There is also a blanket statement about the economy and home-based business, linking the growth of the latter to the 2008 downfall of the former.  Ummm, yeah but how is that relevant to Traffic Monsoon?  Seems like odd filler content.  They're writing so much but saying so little.
  3. They do not say how large their network is, so it's hard to judge whether it's worth joining.
  4. There are no examples of websites which are currently part of the network, either.

The Products are The Opportunity

The main product here is advertising.  Business owners can buy ad packs starting at $5 and get visitors and banner clicks in return.  But by purchasing the ad packs they have the option of participating in the opportunity, too.  The only requirement fr getting paid is that a member clicks at least 10 ads per day.

Here's how it all works:

  1. Traffic Monsoon is an advertising platform.  Business owners can purchase ads to be put on websites which are part of a “get paid to visit” network.  They're buying eyeballs on sites, in other words.  They may use cash or they can join the network themselves and visit other members' websites in order to earn credits which can be used to purchase traffic.  Members can join for free (there's no requirement to purchase credits or visitors).  It works like this: visit 2 websites and get 1 visitor credit.  Purchase services and get one visitor credit per visit to a website.  In essence, you're all helping each other out.
  2. It's also a “paid to click” opportunity.  Members get paid a penny for each click (Traffic Monsoon sells clicks, not views.  That means members pay for actual clicks, not just visitors to their sites).
  3. It's also a revenue sharing platform, where members who get new members to join and purchase advertising can earn commissions.
  4. It's also an affiliate program, where members can refer their website visitors to other members' products and services for a commission.  The commission rate is 10%.

The ads come in several different forms:

  • banner ads
  • text ads
  • traffic exchange start pages
  • traffic exchange credit purchases (buy visitors instead of earning credits by clicking)
  • login ads

You can also target specific countries in your ad campaign, which costs $.50 per click.  Otherwise, it's $.25 per click.  Traffic Exchange Start Pages is an ad product you can buy for $35 per day.  It puts your site first on the list of members' start page after they log in.  Login Ads are similar, except your website is placed in a pop-up window when members are logging in.  Same price: $35 per day.

The Verdict

It's really too bad Traffic Monsoon is so stingy with its company info.  The product and the opportunity seem straightforward enough (although as a “clicker” be prepared to slog away for endless hours upon end!).

That means earning enough credits to purchase visitors is almost more of a risk than outright purchasing them (it costs $70 for 50,000 visitors, $16 for 10,000 visitors, and down to $5 for 2500 visitors or up to $600 for 500,000 visitors).  Without some sort of “quality assurance” behind this company, it's hard to invest using either method.

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  1. i joined trafficmonsoon one year back. its advertising has shown some result to me. I got lot of referrals by advertising in its traffic exchange. I also earned freely by clicking its cashlink ads.

  2. Interesting review of Traffic Monsoon. I have been using it for 3 weeks now with no issues. I will say this about PTC sites. They have been around for years and will continue to be as long as there is a need for inexpensive advertising. It’s just a matter of how to leverage them for both income as well as exposure to any product or service you are marketing.It’s a great way to build a buyers list when done properly.

  3. A cheap low life way to advertise by negative association is completely screwing the advertising space, Get a life and advertise ethically.

  4. Traffic Monsoon is running a Ponzi scheme. They are using new money from advertisers to pay previous advertisers. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to buy Traffic Monsoon ads unless they want to be part of the revenue sharing program.

  5. Thank you for your quick review about Traffic Monsoon,what i know about traffic monsoon is that up to now the site really pay it’s members include me.I have being with them since July,2015 and it’s work perfect for me.
    We only hope the site will last longer.

  6. i joined trafficmonsoon one year back. I use its advertising, to me I feel it is showing me some result to me. I got lot of referrals by advertising in its traffic exchange. I also earned freely by clicking its cashlink ads.

  7. the only issues am getting is that some of the clicks ads come out inappropriate message, so my computer will block any unsolicited ads. The ads are of random pop up and some are really rubbish ads. However, some $0.001 are slowly adding on. It will take me almost this year to see any significant out or profit for real. Trafficmonsoon needs to check the appropriateness of some of the ads as they will be responsible for them.

  8. the writer of this article is WRONG and has not researched traffic monsoon properly and is misleading people into not taking the big step of joining and being part of revenue sharing.
    The owner of TM is openly doing presentations his name is charles scoville just youtube it and you will see for yourself so the writer of this article is wrong or maybe even jealous.
    I have been part of TM now for 3 months and have made some serious money !

  9. I started with a hundred packs after being sceptical and watching a friend progress, since starting I have found mentors that are sharing their sales funnels for free and started using them. And now four months in i have just earned over $20,000 that’s amazing for the effort its all automated using my funnels. Just as long as i watch my 10 ads i get paid hourly. I use their traffic to promote my other afilliate offers and get conversions, not as many as i should but still the rev share is great allows me to pay for Solo ads elsewhere.

  10. Hysterical that they’ve just hit a “delay in payments” like Charles Schovilles previous PTC businesses. He relies on people getting annoyed and just leaving the site so that he is quids in. He shuts it down and then moves into the next new venture that more unsuspecting idiots buy into lol.

  11. My son recommended this traffic monsoon and asked some money to invest and we sold a property which only we had for our servive as we were renting it and getting some small income thinking that we could help our only son also. Finally this traffic monsoon put us starving. I wish if we could get the money back thats we are a retired couple and don’t have any big incomes. Our son also don’t have good incoming job and he is struggling to help us. It’s look like traffic monsoon is a big fraud and cheating ppl. If you are really honest please help me to get our money back.


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