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Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is essentially a new twist on an old business opportunity called MOBE (My Online Business Empire). MOBE was founded by Matt Lloyd in 2011 and has achieved considerable success since its inception.

About Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is John Chow's version. John Chow has made millions as an internet marketer and is also famous for his blogs in this field. He shows people how to make money through online marketing.

It is basically how to live the best Internet lifestyle by focusing on 3 key elements:

  • time freedom
  • money freedom
  • location freedom

The Product

The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle program is a 21 Step System which is split up into blocks of two to three sections at a time so you can easily digest and consume the entrepreneurial expertise John Chow has accured since the year March 2000. There are over 100 products in this program, and their goal is to develop thousands of them within the near future all as a means to help you sell high ticket affiliate programs and products without being a guru or knowing the technical setup.

They all revolve around business training, and you market them to all types of business owners. Small businesses, life coaches, network marketers… it's really up to you on how you want to approach it.

They have generated literally billions of dollars using these products found within the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Program.

They break things up into everything from public speaking, traffic generation, branding, finances, conversions and much more. There is a ton of variety.

All of this can seem very overwhelming, fortunately you also get a personalized coach that works with you through Skype to help achieve the best results possible, and guide you through all of the 20+steps.

The Opportunity

You make money with this program whenever you sell a product, or by sponsoring other individuals. Essentially, every time they buy a product pack, you make a commission.

Each product pack has its own commission that coincides with it. Some are modest, some are very lucrative, depending on the product.

There are seven different levels that you can achieve within this program, each level pays out more accordingly.

There is a two tier Unilevel structure within the program. At the first level, you get paid the commission, at the second level however, you get 5% of the sales.

They don't have a limit on how many people you can recruit and how many they recruit afterwards. It's easy to see how the numbers can multiply rather quickly.

They also offer a car bonus which can pay anywhere from $600-$3,000 extra each month. Obviously another nice incentive.

You meet their qualifications either through a point system, or the amount of money you take in each month. It's a little complicated for me to explain exactly how it works, but they break it down for you on their official website.

If you decide to become a member of Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle it will cost you anywhere from $49-$30,000. I know, that's a lot of money. However, one person compared it to investing in a college education, which in a way I suppose is true.

The Verdict

Thousands of people have joined this program and made money. In fact almost all of the actual members who reported on it seemed extremely satisfied with their individual results.

Perhaps the one drawback to it is that it only has two tiers, some other programs offer three.

The fact that you get the benefit of having a one on one coach will make this seemingly difficult program much easier to understand and implement in your own home business.

All you really have to do, is follow their step by step directions and they basically assure you of achieving success.

Of course all MLMs want you to believe that by investing in their program you will make money and we all know this isn't always the case.

But I feel that since this is just a newer version of the successful MOBE program that has been around for over five years now, there must be some sort of substance to it.

Obviously if you are thinking of investing thousands of dollars into something like this, you should do your homework for yourself. From what I have seen so far though, this might just be the opportunity you've been looking for.

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