xE1 65 Degree Wedge Review

Does your short game need some work? The xE1 65 Degree Wedge is a wedge that claims to revolutionize your short game in a way no other golf club can. Here’s our review.

What is the xE1 65 Degree Wedge?

xE1-65-DegreeThe xE1 65 Degree Wedge is a brand new golf club that wants to help improve your short game.

The wedge claims to have “an ingenious design that makes escaping bunkers a breeze” while also virtually eliminating fat shots and making shots from the rough a piece of cake.

The club is also described as “amateur friendly” and requires virtually no practice to use. It’s recommended for use within 50 yards of the flag and claims to change your game more than any other single club in your bag.

The club is endorsed by Arron Oberholser, a PGA winner and PGA Tour commentator.

So how exactly does this club work and what’s the big secret behind its success? Let’s find out.

How Does the xE1 65 Degree Wedge Work?

The official xE1 65 Degree Wedge website claims to be based on a patented design “that’s nothing short of brilliant”.

The key feature of that design is the auto-glide sole. That sole is found at the back of the wedge (the part that makes contact with the ground as you complete your swing).

As you may have guessed from the name, the Auto-Glide Sole claims to automatically glide through anything in its path more smoothly than a traditional wedge – even if it’s rough grass or soft sand.

As the creator of the club explains, “Divots and buried lies? They don’t stand a chance against this thing.”

The club relies on something called Repositioned Performance Mass (RPM) technology.

On most normal wedges, the point of resistance, or POR, is found at the front of the sole, near the leading edge. As your swing moves through impact, this pushes the rear of the sole downward, which can cause the club to bounce off the turf and up into the ball, leading to a bad shot.

On the xE1, the POR is found at the rear of the sole. That’s why this technology is called Repositioned Performance Mass – the mass, or point of resistance, has been repositioned to maximize performance.

By changing this design around, it forces the xE1’s leading edge down through the shot, which enhances your chances of a good song.

By combining the auto-glide sole with the Repositioned Performance Mass technology, the xE1 65 Degree Wedge claims to be the best wedge you’ll ever own.

One final piece of technology in the club is the loft, which is 65 degrees, or 5 degrees more than a standard lob wedge. This extra loft means you don’t need to open the stance on the blade or try to adjust your swing – something amateur golfers often try to do at the expense of accuracy.


xE1 65 Degree Wedge Pricing

The xE1 65 Degree Wedge is priced at $99 + $19 S+H (to American addresses).

International shipping (to any countries outside of the United States) is a flat $39 rate.

One of the key advertised features on the xE1 65 Degree Wedge is that there’s no major brand in front of the name. As the creator of the club explains, that’s why the wedge is available at such a cheap price.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. The creator of the club encourages you to try the golf club out (right or left handed), play a few games with it, and return it for a full refund (minus shipping and handling) if you don’t like how it plays.

Like with all golf clubs, there are two versions of the xE1 65 Degree Wedge: a right-hand and a left-hand version. Both clubs are $99.

The clubs are exclusively available to order online through XE1Golf.com, where you can pay using Discover, MasterCard, American Express, or VISA.

You can also order by phone anytime between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm CST.

Who Makes the xE1 65 Degree Wedge?

The xE1 65 Degree Wedge is made by a company named Golf Tailor, LLC.

That company lists its address as:

103 S Broadways Street
Edmond, OK 73034

You can contact the company by phone at 888-241-2460.

The company’s official website (GolfTailor.com) describes how the company was created with the goal of providing “elite golf instruction accessible to all”. Instead of forcing average joes to pay for lessons from the pros, the company videotapes lessons from golf professionals and then sells them in the form of DVDs and videos.

Some of the other products offered by Golf Tailor include The Haney Blueprint (featuring Hank Haney) and the Square to Square Method (featuring Doug Tewell).

Golf Tailor does not mention where the golf club was made or what kind of materials it’s made of.


Should You Use the xE1 65 Degree Wedge to Improve your Game?

The xE1 65 Degree Wedge makes big promises about how it’s going to help your golf game. It basically promises to revolutionize the way you play golf – which is a large promise for any club to make on its own.

The club is made by an American company named Golf Tailor that frequently works with golf pros to produce videos. The club itself is endorsed by a number of golf pros, all of whom are listed on the product’s official sales page.

Nevertheless, we’d like to see more technical information for the club: like the manufacturing process, the manufacturing location, and what exactly the parts are made out of.

The shipping fee, at $20 (for US addresses) or $40 (for international addresses) is also a little high, especially since you don’t get your S+H money refunded if you apply for the 90 day money back guarantee.

Nevertheless, that guarantee does ensure that you won’t lose too much money if you find that the xE1 65 Degree Wedge doesn’t work for you and doesn’t dramatically improve your short game.

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  1. Hi, I am Addie tomaro. I have just received my xe1 wedge which was sent to me by my relative from the U.S and as soon as I have it, I went to a driving range and tested the club. It was so amazing that the first time I swung at the ball, it hit the target I was aiming to hit. The second shot hit the same target! I felt as if I had practiced with This club a long time ago. It is perfect for me and I am sure it will stay in my bag for the rest of my life and will give my previous lob wedge to my daughter who will start her golf career any time soon..The only thing lacking is the free square to square training book or email book you stated when I purchase this wedge. I hope you can just email it for me. It was ordered by my relative in New York Felixberto Canieso.

  2. Gotta say…I just got the XE1 Wedge today and took it to my practice course.. And I was pleasantly surprised at how well it played. if you hit it thin it still flies through the green, but is pretty forgiving..Like they say, just line up square and do a basic iron stroke and it puts it on the green.. it really is a Lob Wedge that is more forgiving.. and I like that because I like my Lob when it works.. but many times it doesn’t…this one does better 8 to 9 times out of ten.

  3. First do you ship to New Zealand and could you please give me the price of the XE1 59* and the 65* sand wedge.
    If I ordered both what would be the total cost in New Zealand dollars.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon
    Regards Dave Conibear

  4. Not impressed. sending back. I chunked it and skulled it like every other wedge. If you always hit your wedges perfect anyway, why would you need this club?


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