100 dollar monster

100 Dollar Monster is a chain recruitment scheme that provides commission income to affiliates who aggressively sponsor new affiliates.

What Is 100 Dollar Monster?

The 100 Dollar Monster site has no information on it whatsoever regarding who runs this particular program.

The site's registration information is likewise useless in determining who's running the program behind the scenes, as the only non-private information about the website shows that it was registered in February of 2017 – everything else is hidden by a private domain name registration service.

However, other independent review sites have investigated 100 Dollar Monster as well, revealing that the company is owned by a Mark Crosby, a serial MLM/affiliate marketer that has been involved in the industry for several years.

Crosby has several videos on his personal YouTube channel that refers to 100 Dollar Monster as his company. Additionally, he's been involved in other MLM endeavors such as Traffic Monsoon, Exitus Elite, BeOnPush, FutureNet, and Power Lead System.

Many of these opportunities have been accused of being scams in their own right.

100 Dollar Monster Product

There is no product to market or sell when it comes to 100 Dollar Monster. Becoming a member does provide you access to a large library of business e-books, but the value of these books is questionable.

It's more likely they were chosen to have at least something to provide to members besides just an MLM recruitment scheme.

100 Dollar Monster Opportunity

100 Dollar Monster operates on a very simple chain-recruitment principle.

New members join by paying a $20 membership fee, and then purchase a spot in a 3×10 matrix for $100. All fees are paid in an equivalent amount of Bitcoin instead of USD.

Once a new member has purchased their matrix spot, they earn a $5 commission each time a new recruit fills in a spot in their matrix. Members also receive $50 on their three direct recruits, making these worth a total of $55 each.

This is the entirety of the scheme.

100 Dollar Monster Verdict

100 Dollar Monster is likely one of the most straightforward chain-recruiting scheme we've ever encountered. With the sole exception of the “free e-book library”, it's incredibly straightforward, easy to understand, and clear in how it works.

It's also, of course, a complete scam.

If you think you're going to be able to build yourself an income from 100 Dollar Monster, think again.

There's no actual product or service being sold that you can market as an affiliate – the only source of income for you is to recruit more and more people to keep those $5 payments rolling in.

Yet every one person you recruit, both directly and indirectly, ends up needing to do the same thing in turn.

Your direct recruits end up at the top of their own 3×10 matrix that they need to fill themselves, and the three recruits they each pull in are put in the same situation, so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

Recruitment without end doesn't work, simply because recruitment does end when you run out of people interested in joining a company that just keeps passing recruitment fees up the chain to some nameless, anonymous administrator.

Who do you think pockets that $20 initial membership fee? It's the same person that installs himself and a few select friends/accomplices in the top spots of the first 3×10 matrix.

In this case it's likely Mark Crosby, but in many other cases there's never any indication as to who's in charge of schemes of this nature.

All those recruitment fees are flowing into Crosby's coffers, and since those payments are being made with an unregulated digital currency it's not like you can even track the money down after it leaves your Bitcoin wallet.

Once recruitment dies off, the entire system collapses. The majority of the money, which has been passed up to Crosby and any cronies he has in the wings, disappears with them.

Crosby goes on to the next scheme, leaving you having spent $120 and not having much of anything to show for it.


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