1000 btc ezy

Ever thought about getting your digital hands on Bitcoins? Sure you could find a company that sells them and hold off on doing anything with them, or you can have people hand them over to you. 1000 BTC Ezy is a site that claims people will give you Bitcoins through peer to peer donation. After all, who doesn't want to get money from people?

The site clearly states that you can earn from 1000 BTC Ezy donation system that goes down five levels. Plus, you can earn bonuses. The bonuses are a bit harder to understand, but the site does offer them. The real question is though, is 1000 BTC Ezy worth getting involved with?

What IsĀ 1000 BTC EZY?

According to Who.is, the site 1000btcezy.com was registered on July 10, 2017, to Mr. Jermaine Cato from California. When looking into the background of Mr. Cato, you won't find any information. There is no listing of him on any social media platform. It could be that the name is made up to hide the real identity of the site owner.

1000 BTC EZY Product

The site doesn't offer anything you can sell. All you can do is get others to sign up under you and donate funds to you. In return, they get people to sign up under them and have funds donated to them.

That is what 1000 BTC Ezy is at its core, a cash gifting site that relies on people recruiting new members to grow their funds. Of course, the site makes it sound so easy that anyone can do it.

1000 BTC EZY Opportunity

As the site states, it is a donation system that runs five levels deep. In order to join, you must gift 0.002 BTC to five levels of your upline. Once you pay you are in a position to receive 0.002 BTC from five levels deep with your own downline. All in all, you are looking at spending 0.003 BTC to join since the money is divided between your upline and the administration.

Another way you can earn is through advertising on Facebook accounts and other social media sites. You will then earn about 0.000001 BTC per hour doing this task.

1000 BTC EZY Verdict

1000 BTC Ezy is, in reality, a gift giving the site. One thing to remember about sites like this is that they usually don't last very long. Once the recruitment dies down so does the cash flow. 1000 BTC Ezy isn't any different. The whole system is set to make the owner the most profit.

The only real way to make any money with a site like this is to have a downline in place before you sign up. That way you are guaranteed to make your money back. Without a downline ready to go, you will find recruiting people a bit difficult. While the site does claim that people around the world will just hand you money, you have to understand that there is no spill over. You have to recruit your downline. Plus once the money is sent, there are no refunds. So be careful and do your homework before you get involved with 1000 BTC Ezy.

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