12 day millionaire

12 Day Millionaire is a “copy my success” system where users are given access to so-called “cashflow websites” in order to make money themselves over the internet. How these sites make money isn’t exactly explained in much detail.

What Is 12 Day Millionaire?

According to the 12 Day Millionaire website’s promotional video, the creator of this program is simply known as “Josh.” There’s no last name, no picture, or anything else that could possibly identify this Josh as a real person in any way.

However, upon attempting to purchase access to the 12 Day Millionaire access system, we discovered the real identity of the person behind this program – an individual named Benjamin Carter.

According to his profile on popular affiliate sales website JVZoo, Carter created 12 Day Millionaire, though he runs another site known as Guru Wealth Package. It’s identical to 12 Day Millionaire – same offer, same promotional video – in every way except for the website URL.

Why Carter feels the need to blatantly lie or conceal his identity and fabricate a false one in order to promote his product is unclear, but it doesn’t exactly engender confidence in him and 12 Day Millionaire.

12 Day Millionaire Product

12 Day Millionaire is apparently such a foolproof method for making money – which involves being provided copies of fully functioning and profitable “cashflow websites” – that the website claims you don’t even need to be able to access the program over a computer, as a mobile device will be sufficient.

Specific details on these “cashflow websites” is absent, though it’s likely affiliate marketing for products and services, as these sites are the easiest to reproduce.

Access to 12 Day Millionaire is $37 through the website – or $27 if you attempt to leave the site, as you’re given a $10 off coupon for doing so as an enticement to stay.

Something tells us, though, that there are hidden costs associated with this service. Beware of upsells.

12 Day Millionaire Opportunity

“Josh” – or more accurately, Benjamin Carter – would have you believe that you can make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, by enrolling in this program. He even goes so far as to hire several paid actors to provide video testimonials proclaiming how many thousands of dollars they’ve made in just a few short days or weeks.

However, there’s not really any verifiable proof presented that this opportunity is a real one.

12 Day Millionaire Verdict

Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t necessarily trust someone who isn’t honest with us when it comes to his identity. Promoting a business under a false identity in the way that Benjamin Carter has chosen to do is an immediate black mark against both him and 12 Day Millionaire.

This sentiment is reinforced after it becomes obvious that Carter chose several well-known testimonial actors to provide “proof” that his program works. These actors, sourced from sites like Fiverr, are almost constantly used by similar scam artists to provide a veneer of respectability, showcasing “real people” who have used their system to profit.

Don’t trust 12 Day Millionaire’s promises. We certainly don’t.

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