15 plan b side income projects

15 “Plan B” Side Income Projects – abbreviated to simply Side Income Projects for the sake of brevity – is a digital e-book guide to making money from the comfort of your own home in your spare time in order to achieve more financial freedom.

In addition to purchasing the book, Side Income Projects also offers an affiliate opportunity to market the product for a commission-based income.

What Is Side Income Projects?

Side Income Projects is a creation of Phil and Eileen Good, a husband-and-wife couple located in Australia. The Goods create and market eBooks and other personal development products, and we have reviewed other such products of theirs in the past.

Side Income Projects Product

Like other personal development products created and marketed by Phil and Eileen Good, Side Income Projects is a digital download PDF available for $27 through ClickBank. The book covers several different topics, including:

  • Becoming the middleman in a business chain doesn’t require selling your time for money
  • 3 ways to make a extra cash by writing
  • How to start up a side-income business fast and on the cheap
  • The 2 requirements needed to work from anywhere
  • Tips on finding people to outsource tasks to, especially tasks you find tedious
  • 4 proven delegation and management strategies
  • Tips for creating a business that manages itself, provides passive income, and is not tied to a location
  • A way to make money from photographs taken from your mobile phone
  • A free way to create a graphic design business while not being a traditional “artist”

And several other different tips and tricks along those lines.

As a ClickBank product, Side Income Projects is provided with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Side Income Projects Opportunity

In addition to the opportunity to purchase the book, the Goods also offer an affiliate income earning opportunity for individuals interested in marketing the book through ClickBank.

Affiliate sales of Side Income Projects provide a 65% commission rate, not inclusive of any administrative fees ClickBank may charge. Phil and Eileen Good provide high levels of support for affiliates through email swipe files, keyword research, banner ads and other graphics, and other promotional and marketing ideas.

Side Income Projects Verdict

Like other products created by Phil and Eileen, Side Income Projects likely represents a moderate affiliate earnings opportunity. Additionally, the tips and tricks contained in the book may be helpful for anyone who reads it, making it a relatively high-value product.

However, at a $27 price point, it may be difficult to market this book as effectively as a less expensive product. When many customers can get books on similar subjects delivered electronically from online marketplaces like Amazon for much less, it could be an uphill battle convincing prospects of the value of Side Income Projects.

That being said, the book is exclusively available just from this website; it’s not listed on Amazon or any other online retailer. Likewise it’s a digital product so it’s not available in brick-and-mortar bookstores either. It’s this exclusivity that may be the key in marketing the product effectively if you so choose.

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