150 cash magic

150 Cash Magic is a cash gifting investment scheme in the form of a 5×5 matrix affiliate recruitment program.

What Is 150 Cash Magic?

There is no information regarding who is behind 150 Cash Magic. The company website, which was registered in early January of 2017, was done so anonymously through a private domain name registration software.

There are some clues as to who is behind the company, as one of the website's marketing videos is hosted by a YouTube account named “MMPS Mymultiplestream.

” My Multiple Stream is a so-called “MLM underbelly scheme downline builder,” a common tactic among MLM scammers to build massive downline commissions by any means necessary. There's no information as to who is behind My Multiple Stream.

150 Cash Magic Product

150 Cash Magic has no discernible products. Users are entitled to “ad packages” upon enrolling in the site; this allows them to place their own banner ads on the 150 Cash Magic site. However, this is not the primary focus of the site, as affiliate recruitment is the only way to earn a ROI.

150 Cash Magic Opportunity

150 Cash Magic makes use of a 5×5 matrix. Users can join as an affiliate by paying $1.50 to their direct upline. This new affiliate can then begin recruiting to fill the first level of their matrix, which consists of 5 direct recruits. Each of these recruits pays $1.50 in turn to the original affiliate.

Once this first level is filled, the original affiliate is eligible to unlock his second level by paying $5 to his direct upline. This then entitles the affiliate to level 2 payments of $5 from 25 affiliates.

The subsequent levels of the matrix increase by a factor of five. Level 3 requires a $25 payment to receive payments of $25 from 125 affiliates in turn; level 4 increases this ratio to $60 for 625 payments, and level 5 raises to $350 from 1,125 affiliates.

Total earnings across all levels are a massive $1,134,507.50 ROI.

150 Cash Magic Verdict

Cash gifting schemes always work the same way – they're incredibly dependent on constant recruitment and filling of matrix levels in order for those near or at the top of the chain to make any money.

If this chain breaks down somewhere – and it usually does – then that massive payout never materializes and you never get your money. Of course, you've already paid into the system, so everyone above you is happy.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you're going to be hard-pressed to find 1,125 people interested in participating in this program so that they can make you a millionaire, especially since they need to go find another 1,125 people of their own – each – to become millionaires themselves.

This is why these cash gifting matrix schemes always break down after a few months when recruitment dries up.

Who benefits from this scheme? Well it's likely the administrators of the whole project.

While the company doesn't purport to take any money directly, as cash gifts flow upwards directly from one affiliate to the other, these scams work by having several pre-loaded positions at the top that are feeding donations into the company directly, or at the very least into the pockets of those running things behind the scenes.

Since there's no information as to who these people are, they're safely out of reach of any repercussions of their actions – and all you're doing is just helping them buy a new mansion or luxury yacht.

Cash gifting schemes like 150 Cash Magic might seem like a good idea, considering that you can get started with literally just $1.50.

However, the cost in finding massive quantities of people to recruit five levels deep – literally over a thousand people to complete a single matrix – means that it's incredibly difficult to work this system to fruition.

Additionally, you're doing it with the full knowledge that every individual you recruit, either directly or indirectly, will have that much harder a time filling their own matrix in turn. You're certainly not going to make any friends doing that.

Our recommendation is to stay away from 150 Cash Magic.

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