1k daily profit

1k Daily Profit is an automated binary trading robot that claims to use a revolutionary algorithm to provide unprecedented levels of accuracy. Using this auto-trader bot can provide as much as $1000 a day in profits, hence the name of the company.

What Is 1k Daily Profit?

1k Daily Profit is supposedly founded by an individual named John Becker. Becker claims to at one point in his career been a trader at Goldman Sachs but has since branched out on his own in order to create the algorithm used in his binary options auto-trader bot.

It has been impossible to verify the ownership of the 1k Daily Profit site in relation to Becker. The site was registered anonymously in 2015 through a private domain registration service, which provides no details as to who is actually behind the site.

Moreover, trying to discern whether Becker actually worked at Goldman Sachs at one point, or even if he exists outside of the 1k Daily Profit website, has proven unsuccessful. All of the research we've done has resulted in Becker being associated with this product and nothing else.

It's almost as if he doesn't exist otherwise.

1k Daily Profit Product

1k Daily Profit is supposedly a breakthrough product when it comes to binary options trading, thanks to its incredibly high success rate. How high, you may ask? Well Becker claims an unprecedented 99.8% accuracy rate. That's not hyperbole – that's taken directly from the 1k Daily Profit site.

The upside of this incredibly high level of accuracy is that allowing the auto-trader bot to invest in the binary options market on your behalf should reap incredible rewards of as much as $1000 a day or even more.

Becker says that with just as little as one hour of work a day managing the auto-trader's settings, you can create a six-figure passive income for yourself with no trouble at all.

Better yet, Becker says he's making his trading robot free to anyone who signs up – though he does stress that places are supposedly limited.

Investing using the bot does require depositing $250 of our own funds into a broker, however, but Becker promises to turn that initial investment into thousands of dollars in no time at all.

1k Daily Profit Opportunity

The opportunity that Becker provides through 1k Daily Profit is as straightforward as it is fantastical – a route to financial independence through the use of his software.

This is, of course, what many internet entrepreneurs dream about. A solid, easily manageable stream of virtually unlimited passive income, generated over the internet. It's the Holy Grail of internet marketing, and what everyone hopes to achieve someday.

1k Daily Profit Verdict

Sadly, Becker and his auto-trader bot are nothing but hot air. In fact, it's likely that “John Becker” doesn't exist at all!

First, it's easy to see that the image the site uses to represent Becker is taken from a stock image photo gallery. Likewise there's no record of Becker anywhere else on the internet, making it impossible to verify the claims he makes on the 1k Daily Profit site.

In fact, the only time Becker's name came up in our research, and that was in conjunction with claims that his auto-trader bot was a complete scam!

This is a pretty big red flag. If people are already saying that your product is garbage – and there's nobody willing to stand up to say otherwise – it seems fairly obvious that whatever your selling is closer to snake oil than the cure for cancer.

So what exactly is Becker selling here? Well, the 1k Daily Profit program is indeed an auto-trader bot, that much is true – but it's nowhere near as accurate as 99.8%.

Such a high degree of accuracy is probably a complete impossibility, simply because the binary options marketplace is so volatile that it's a supreme challenge to predict trends through an algorithm.

In fact, there are some human binary options traders that have been playing the markets for decades that are proud to crack an 80% success rate. Anyone claiming that their automated binary options trading robot can do better than that is likely just blowing smoke.

Which brings us to another point: the program may look like it's free to use on the outside, but you can't do anything with it unless you have a way of trading binary options online.

1k Daily Profit conveniently works with broker partners chosen for you, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding one yourself, but guess what – it's typical that none of these brokers are registered or licensed to trade binary options.

What's really happening here is that unlicensed brokers, on the hunt for more investors to fleece, clip into cahoots with scam artists promoting a “free” service like 1k Daily Profit.

These scammers then funnel new investors into the waiting maw of a particular broker; the initial $250 investment plunked down by these new investors gets split between the broker and the scam artist.

Then, the clueless investor goes to use the supposedly “foolproof” binary options auto-trader, only to find that it doesn't work as advertised.

The scammer and the broker both don't care as they've gotten what they wanted – the investor's money – and since there's no way to positively identify the scammer, they can pack up and open a new, similar scam sometime later and begin the process all over again.

As for the broker, well since they're not regulated or licensed, good luck getting anything out of them. Most of these brokers are located in far-flung locales around the world in tax havens or in places that are otherwise impossible to get to.

Even if through some Herculean effort you do manage to somehow make money through these brokers, they're under no legal obligation to give it to you.

Try to cash out of your online broker account to make a deposit into your own bank account and you'll be given the runaround – or you'll simply be ignored.

It happens all the time, and it's going to continue to happen until individuals realize these sorts of relationships are complete scams designed to separate you from your hard-earned money.

In fact, 1k Daily Profit is just one of many binary options scams that have been perpetrated on the credulous public as of late.

There's a whole cadre of scammers that use the same or similar software that's simply re-branded with each new scam to make their “revolutionary” auto-trader bot new and improved, even though the actual programming under the hood has remained the same.

Whether these scammers are all interrelated or if they're just running concurrent but independent scams is unknown. In the end it really doesn't matter, since they conceal their identities so well and rely on paid actors and stock image photos to present a false public face.

What is important is to know the signs of one of these scams so you don't fall for one yourself:

  • unverifiable identities of the owners and developers of the software
  • outrageous claims, such as a 99% accuracy rate
  • offering “free” access to the program, only to be told you need to make a $250 deposit

Encountering any of these is an instant red flag, and an excuse to travel as far, far away as possible from what is almost certainly a fully-fledged scam.

Don't let your dreams of financial freedom blind you to the fact that there are bad people out there looking to prey upon your lofty goals. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

Programs like 1k Daily Profit are unmitigated scams. You will not make money using it, and anyone you know who gets involved will have the same fate.

Keep away from it; you would get a better result from just digging a hole in your back yard, putting $250 in cash in there, and lighting the whole thing on fire. At least then it will keep you warm.

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