1UpListBuilder (1Up) is a mobile phone marketing company that provides lead generation opportunities for marketers through ringless voicemail.

What Is 1UpListBuilder?

1Up is apparently the brainchild of Val Smyth, a veteran MLM affiliate entrepreneur that has been involved at the top level in several different marketing companies over the years.

The company is listed as being based in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in a residential neighborhood. Whether this is Smyth's address or an associate of his is unknown.

The Product

There is one product and one service available through 1Up. For a one-time fee of $15, marketers can gain access to a database of 15,000 potential leads. This database includes not just mobile phone numbers but also names and addresses.

Additionally, each marketer that purchases a database receives one that is unique to him or her with no repeats or overlap.

Additionally, 1Up offers “ringless voicemail” marketing services, designed to work in conjunction with the database it sells.

For a one-time setup fee of approximately $10 and a per-call fee of 4.9 cents, 1Up will dial through a purchased database on behalf of a marketer, delivering a pre-recorded sales pitch of the marketer's choosing directly to the voicemail of a recipient. 1Up only charges for calls that are completed.

The Opportunity

1Up also offers a simple but effective affiliate program for individuals interested in marketing the 15,000 phone number database. For every first referred sale, an affiliate receives $10 of the $15 sale price, with the remaining $5 being funneled back to 1Up as revenue.

Additionally, you are also entitled to the first $10 of the first referred sales of anyone your recruits refer as well.


1Up may be an excellent resource for anyone interested in direct marketing through ringless voicemail. The process is less intrusive, as a recipient's phone does not ring; instead, the recipient will simply receive a notification that they have a new voicemail.

1Up claims that 96 percent of recipients will listen to a ringless voicemail, providing a high potential for conversions.

If this statistic is accurate, then there is a good opportunity for direct marketing, provided your sales copy is high quality and compelling, and the product or service you're marketing has perceived value.

Additionally, the price of access is relatively low cost – $15 for the list, $10 to set up an autodialer through 1Up, and then 4.9 cents per call. Of course, calling every single of those 15,000 numbers can cost up to $735 if they all go through, but 1Up only charges per delivered voicemail.

If these prices are amenable to you, this may be an excellent choice for your own telephone marketing campaigns.

The compensation plan also represents a decent opportunity for commission-based income, though it is entirely dependent on a constant stream of fresh new recruits who then recruit others beneath them.

While there are plenty of marketers out there looking for phone lists, this number isn't infinite by any means; eventually new recruitment will dry up when interest dies down in the product. How slowly or quickly this will happen is anyone's guess, however.

There are some caveats about Val Smyth, one of the main partners of the company, though. Smyth has been accused in the past of being involved in MLM scams that have burned out bright and fast, taking the cash of plenty of individuals with them on their meteoric rise.

Smyth's culpability in these events is unclear, but it's important information to furnish for anyone who is interested in becoming involved with a company Smyth is associated with.

In the end, we can provide a qualified recommendation for marketers interested in 1Up, mostly due to the low cost of entry.

However, it would be advisable to not invest too much capital into the company until gathering some first-hand experience with the effectiveness of its ringless voicemail marketing methods.

As long as you proceed with a modicum of caution to protect yourself from becoming over-invested, there seems to be only minimal risk.


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