21 step millionaire coach

21 Step Millionaire Coach purports to be a training method for becoming an internet marketer.

However, it is in actuality simply a sales funnel for affiliates of My Online Business Education (MOBE), an online internet marketing educational company that offers members affiliate opportunities to sell high ticket training programs and receive large commissions in return.

What Is 21 Step Millionaire Coach?

There's next to no information on who is behind 21 Step Millionaire Coach. The faceless narrator on the website's video is referred to as “Mark,” which may or may not be the name of the person orchestrating things behind the scenes.

The website's registration information is likewise unavailable. While it shows that the site was registered in late January of 2017, the identity of the registrant is hidden behind a private domain registration service.

Even Alexa is no help, as the site does not have enough traffic data to make a determination on where the site could be located.

Of course, 21 Step Millionaire Coach was set up by a MOBE affiliate as a sales funnel for this company. MOBE is a large affiliate networking organization, founded by successful internet marketer Matt Lloyd and headquartered in Malaysia.

MOBE claims to have over 12,000 active affiliates – the “Mark” from the 21 Step Millionaire Coach video, if that is his real name, is one of these affiliates.

21 Step Millionaire Coach Product

The product being offered by 21 Step Millionaire Coach is a training program that walks individuals through the preliminary steps of becoming an internet marketer.

However, the true goal of the training program is to slowly but surely guide individuals into becoming MOBE affiliates, all without actually revealing this fact until close to the end of the program.

The product retails for $49. Once the program completes, individuals will be presented with “opportunities” to become fully-fledged MOBE affiliates through upsells.

Initial costs include a$19.95 monthly fee, but subsequently higher levels of MOBE membership cost progressively higher amounts of cash.

The final tier of MOBE membership costs a $30,000 one-time payment and a $295 monthly subscription fee, making it imperative for a top-tier affiliate to market memberships aggressively to justify the investment.

21 Step Millionaire Coach Opportunity

The opportunity that 21 Step Millionaire Coach provides individuals is ultimately to become a MOBE affiliate.

This is because the program itself is the creation of a nameless affiliate that will earn a commission on any membership levels you purchase through MOBE, you would come into the company as their direct recruit.

MOBE affiliates do have opportunities to make money themselves by marketing affiliate memberships in turn.

The amount of commission you can earn depends on your membership level and the type of membership you sell; at the top tier of the company, selling a $30,000 “Diamond” tier membership nets a commission of around $10,000 – but only if you're already a Diamond member yourself.

MOBE also has a wide selection of training programs that you can market and sell for commission. However, these are decidedly low-ticket items, usually in the form of digital training products that run from $10 to a couple of hundred dollars on the outside.

Commissions on these small-ticket items likewise remain low as well. The typical affiliate gains anywhere from 10% to 50% commissions on sales of these products.

This means that the only way to make high-ticket commissions is to invest heavily in your own membership level first and then actively market MOBE memberships themselves.

21 Step Millionaire Coach Verdict

21 Step Millionaire Coach can't be reviewed without also looking at MOBE as an affiliate opportunity, so we'll break them down together.

First, MOBE does represent opportunities to earn large commissions, but not without first investing heavily yourself. This puts the highest commission rates squarely out of reach of most of its affiliates because of the expense.

Additionally, the pressure to make consistent commissions is high thanks to the costly monthly membership charges at the higher levels as well.

This makes being a high-level MOBE affiliate an exercise in desperation, leaving you looking under every rock you can find in order to search for new affiliates to bring on personally. This is likely where the affiliate behind 21 Step Millionaire Coach is situated.

Speaking of 21 Step Millionaire Coach, let's get something clear right away: there's little to no mention that the “training” the system supplies is essentially just a sales funnel for MOBE.

The knowledge is kept under tight wraps, and it's only after looking closely at the website copy – and the online checkout page – that you would be clued in. This is more than a little misleading.

More misleading still is that the promotional video on the 21 Step Millionaire Coach website makes exclusive use of fake testimonials.

The individuals appearing in the video have all been sourced from online marketplaces such as Fiverr in order to spin a tale about how much money they've been making after following the 21 Step Millionaire Coach method.

This is more than just simply leaving out key information; this is outright fabrication and lying. It's inherently unethical, and any company that has to make use of false testimonials to convince others of the merits of its products are in deep trouble.

The final nail in the coffin, as if 21 Step Millionaire Coach needs one, is the complete lack of transparency in whoever is behind the site.

While it may not seem so sometimes, honesty really is the best policy – this goes double in the world of internet marketing, where the number of anonymous scammers and schemers are constantly on the rise.

Hiding behind private domain registration services, not divulging your identity on the site itself, using paid actors to deliver false testimonials, and then concealing the nature of the product itself – any one of these actions is enough to raise a red flag as to the legitimacy of your online business opportunity.

However, with 21 Step Millionaire Coach combining all of these serious issues, it's quite obvious that the MOBE affiliate behind this site doesn't care what he has to do or say to get another direct recruit in his downline.

If behavior like this is condoned by MOBE – or if it's even encouraged – it also paints a bleak picture of the company's culture.

No one should be involved in an affiliate network that stresses the use of unethical bait-and-switch advertising practices to such a degree, and the fact that MOBE isn't cracking down on this type of behavior reveals much about what MOBE expects its affiliates to do.

There are many different MLM and affiliate marketing opportunities available over the internet. If you're looking for such an opportunity, it's important to find one that's operating in an ethical manner; one with a solid reputation for transparency and truth in advertising.

Aligning yourself with a company that plays fast and loose with the truth might represent some killer short-term commissions, this is true.

However, the damage that can be done to your reputation as an internet marketer could be irreversible once whatever scam or scheme you've involved yourself in crashes and burns.

This isn't to say that MOBE's training isn't useful. We're sure it's invaluable to anyone looking to become a “black hat” internet marketer. There's likely even skills and techniques that can be adapted and transferred into other situations, many of which may be devoid of ethical problems.

However, we feel that the majority of MOBE's membership levels are vastly overpriced, and as a result it encourages affiliates to use unethical methods to make sales – hence the rise of 21 Step Millionaire Coach.

Our overall recommendation is to give 21 Step Millionaire Coach a pass. If you're truly interested in becoming a MOBE affiliate, visit the site directly to learn more about its product line, membership levels, and training materials.

If you do decide to explore what 21 Step Millionaire Coach has to offer, just be aware of what you're getting into. At the end of the program you will be exhorted to join MOBE as an affiliate.


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