2x8Rocket is a person to person, direct funding, donation sharing platform using Bitcoin. They are a not for profit organization that requires at least one donation every year in order to maintain membership. No fees are collected by the admin and the first donation to sign up is 0.0055 btc.

It is expected that new members will help to sign up at least two new members who will also donate. Failure to donate after signing up within twenty-four hours is grounds for immediate dismissal from the platform.

As a member you are able to upline as often as you can for the fast track to independence and wealth. This is illustrated by an easy to follow chart containing characters from Looney Tunes.

What Is 2x8Rocket?

2x8Rocket was registered as a domain on January 11th of this year, although the website claims the copyright for the name occurred in 2016. The site registrar is NameCheap.com a company dedicated to hosting, managing, and registering domain names.

There is no one name attached to the site as an owner.

You can find 2x8Rocket on Facebook with minimal traffic and it appears there is no twitter account. Being that the company domain was only registered less than a month ago it could be said they have not launched all of their platforms quite yet.

The tab on the site for their “About” page has also been left blank.

2x8Rocket Product

There is no tangible product associated with 2x8Rocket. It is an eight tier bitcoin gifting system that requires yearly donations and recruitment. The site is slickly packaged with many available tabs to keep the viewer interested and at first glance looks well crafted and professional.

They even have a support page to enter a ticket if there are any issues for members to seek resolve.

They are a nonprofit group and make claim that they do not charge for membership, everything is considered donation to the members that are upline or downline to your level. As a member you receive the donations from anyone downline that you help recruit and so on.

As long as recruitment continues and donations are not stalled, you can independently fund your projects. The projects you start are supposed to “bring more joy to the world”.

2x8Rocket Opportunity

The claim is that any member can reach the top and start earning over 202 btc, or just a shade under 200,000 US dollars.

The tiers are a little confusing, listed in a chart adorned with Looney Tunes characters, each level corresponding with a planet. Pluto is the highest with 256 downlines. Earth is not one of the tiers.

The system works as follows; the first two people who the new member sponsors will donate the first grade amount to the new member and the new people those two members get to sign up will donate the second grade amount to you and so on.

Every level is supposed to be a multiple of two as long as everyone recruits properly and the new members pay their dues immediately. By level eight there would be 256 downlines for you, the original member.

New members who sign up without having a direct recruiter can “spill” into your downlines on an as needed basis. They're recruits would also fall into your downlines as well.

2x8Rocket Verdict

Despite the professional looking website with recognizable characters there are spelling errors on almost every page. These are accompanied by awkward phrases that makes one think that English could be a second language for the administrator of the website.

Without communicating where the company hails from this makes it seem all the more suspicious and slightly confusing.

There is a clause in the “Terms” page that should be troubling to any person thinking of becoming a member. One of the terms states that 2x8Rocket can for no particular reason shut down the business and the site and they are not held accountable for any funds that are lost by members.

Here today and gone tomorrow takes on a new meaning if there legally has to be zero accountability.

They also specify that there are no refunds in the same terms page and repeat that fact in the FAQ.

A missing “About” page, zero accountability, no customer testimonials, and absentee owners all make for a suspicious website asking members to sign up and send bitcoins in.

The website is also very wordy with no links to a Youtube video that helps promote the site found through a generic Google search.

As slick as the packaging is, it is not put together very well. All these things added together do not make it seem like a good fit for potential members. Investors beware.


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