45 Minute Paydays Review

Over the past couple decades, the stress related with jobs and work has grown exponentially. While a few years ago, people felt comfortable working their 9 to 5, the hours people work have slowly increased, despite the amount their paid stay relatively the same.

The problem of being overworked is only one of the many facing those working today. There are also a large number of people in the country who don’t even have jobs, despite trying desperately to find one.


The change in the occupation landscape has led to people becoming more creative about how they make their income. People are starting up their own businesses left and right, with even more people opting to work from home as freelancers. The rise of this type of work has opened the door for several marketing businesses, ones aimed at helping people work from home, but still make a decent living.

45 Minute Paydays is one of the systems available online that not only gives users an opportunity to work from home and make an extremely comfortable income, but these goals can be accomplished by only working 45 minutes a day. By offering this alternative to a traditional work setting, which is becoming harder and harder to maintain these days, 45 Minute Paydays has opened the door to those who might otherwise not be able to work or make a decent income.

What is 45 Minute Paydays?

45 Minute Paydays is a step-by-step training program that allows users to find and promote online deals that offer high payouts. The entire system is built around talking users through the steps they need to follow, through guides, videos, and webinars, so they can recognize deals online that, when sold or promoted, will give users a commission. As these commissions add up, users begin to make an income that can get up into the six digits.

45 Minute Paydays comes with a personal coach, who works with members one on one to give them the best help possible. By following this coach, as well as the systems 21-step program, people who join 45 Minute Paydays are able to find success working for short periods of time, from home. And, because 45 Minute Paydays is one of the only systems available that has the entire sales system already set up for use, it is also one of the easiest options to follow, offering the best payouts, even for those who are new to online marketing.

In short, 45 Minute Paydays offers a training program, system, and support that allows users to make high levels of income in very little time.

How 45 Minute Paydays Works

45minuteThe 45 Minute Paydays program has a simple to follow three step system. As already mentioned above, the program comes with a coach and several guides to follow, so even beginners can find success with the system.

The first step in the training for using 45 Minute Paydays is finding leads. This is all spelled out in great detail through the training that the program offers. The training, called traffic training, will walk users through the steps they can take to find legitimate and financially sound leads that will help them turn a profit.

The second step is advertising the leads found in step one. Again, how to advertise and places to advertise are all explained in the training process. Some of the most popular places to advertise these leads are Facebook, Craigslist, and even Instagram. Learning how to target advertising so those most interested in the leads will be the ones seeing the ads will help drive more traffic, which will help users make more money.

The final step in the 45 Minute Paydays process is getting paid. The program has various tiers for commissions, but each and every one offers more money than most people make in a week, with some making thousands of dollars every week. Once members learn how to use the system quickly, they’ll be able to make a healthy income, all from working at home for about 45 minutes a day.

45 Minute Paydays Features

The one thing that sets 45 Minute Paydays apart from other income systems online is that this program offers a system that is already set up. Instead of having to put things together themselves, users of 45 Minute Paydays can simple use the features already set up by the program.

Some of the features offered by 45 Minute Paydays include:

-Completed Capture Pages

-Completed Sales Pages

-Setup Shopping Cart

-One on One Coaching

-Personal Coach

-Traffic Training

-Phone Sales Team

By offering all these amazing features, 45 Minute Paydays is able to help its members succeed much more than other programs. And, with their success, members are able to pass on their training to others. 45 Minute Paydays helps create a community of people who want to do better for themselves, by getting an income they control on a schedule that fits into their lives.

What Does 45 Minute Paydays Sell?

As mentioned earlier, members of 45 Minute Paydays are taught how to locate leads that they can then advertise on different social media platforms. As these ads generate income, the members get heft commissions. One of the questions many people considering 45 Minute Paydays ask is what do these leads look like? After all, no one wants to sell a product they don’t believe in.

Most of the programs sold through 45 Minute Paydays are information programs, helping other users find systems that work for them to increase their income. These programs fall into four categories of marketing:




-Small Business

While these four niches don’t seem like much, they are some of the biggest markets currently. Because of the vast potential each one of these billion dollar industries offers, those who are using these markets to create and sell programs have the potential to make quite a lot of money.

Each of the niches above can be broken down into sub-niches. These categories are what some of the topics covered in the products sold through 45 Minute Paydays. The system offers a broad range of products, so members can find the ones that work best for them, making the most profit. These sub-categories include:

-Email Marketing





-Social Networking

And these are only a few of the dozens of options available through 45 Minute Paydays.

Joining 45 Minute Paydays

The big question when considering 45 Minute Paydays is how much it costs. After all, people do want to make money, but not if it will cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront. Thankfully, this system comes at the low price of $49. For this low price, users will get the 21 Step Program offered by 45 Minute Paydays as well as access to their own, personal coach, who will walk them through the steps and help them make the most of the program.

While the base price for 45 Minute Paydays is $49, there are optional add-ons available for additional costs. These add-ons are not necessary to become successful using 45 Minute Paydays, but many members find that after they’ve reached a certain level of success, these upsells are a great way to increase their earning potential. Of course, as already mentioned, these additional items are completely optional and members should not feel pressured to purchase them.

Here’s the big thing that sets 45 Minute Paydays apart from other marketing programs online: It comes with a 30 day, money back guarantee. Because 45 Minute Paydays is such an intense program, many members begin to see income within a few weeks of starting. If, however, within 30 days members haven’t gotten the success they expected, they can contact 45 Minute Paydays and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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