5 dollars 2 charity

5 Dollars 2 Charity – or just 5D2C for brevity’s sake – is a poorly-concealed cash gifting scheme, under the guise of charitable contributions, that uses a 2×9 donation matrix.

What Is 5 Dollars 2 Charity?

There’s nothing on the 5D2C website that reveals who’s behind the company, though it’s fairly obvious that the site is headquartered somewhere in South Africa as the website uses the South African Rand as a currency alongside the US dollar.

Despite this, the site’s registration does have a full name and company name – Harry S. Heydon, of the “Peniel Mustard Seed Foundation”. The address listed is for a residential area in Johannesburg, South Africa, making it highly unlikely that a legitimate charity is behind this company. Meanwhile, researching Harry Heydon reveals he is the administrator of several other cash gifting sites, most notably under the name Heydon Global. Heydon promotes these groups heavily on his Facebook page.

While it’s nice to know just who’s behind 5D2C, this doesn’t make it any less of a bad risk. Read below for why 5D2C is a terrible idea.

5 Dollars 2 Charity Product

As with all cash gifting schemes, there’s no actual “product” associated with 5D2C. Instead, the only activity you can engage in is marketing the affiliate membership in order to build your downline and increase the amount of money you can potentially earn from this program.

5 Dollars 2 Charity Opportunity

5D2C runs on a 2×9 cash gifting scheme, with members able to make payments using bank transfer, payment processors like PayPal, or through Bitcoin. Joining the matrix requires a $5 buy-in – which goes directly to your sponsor – and then enables you to begin recruiting individuals to fill the lower levels of your matrix, who in turn provide you with their cash “gift”.

The payment requirements, and potential payouts, for 5D2C are as follows. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve used the USD amounts in lieu of the South African Rand.

  • Level 1: $5 buy-in, $5 each from 2 direct recruits
  • Level 2: $7.50 upgrade fee, $7.50 each from 4 members
  • Level 3: $20 upgrade fee, $20 each from 8 members
  • Level 4: $80 upgrade fee, $80 each from 16 members
  • Level 5: $300 upgrade fee, $300 each from 32 members
  • Level 6: $450 upgrade fee, $450 each from 64 members
  • Level 7: $500 upgrade fee, $500 each from 128 members
  • Level 8: $520 upgrade fee, $520 each from 256 members
  • Level 9: $550 upgrade fee, $550 each from 512 members

5 Dollars 2 Charity Verdict

It doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out that it’s going to be highly unlikely that you’ll ever grow your own matrix to contain more than a few dozen members, much less the 512 direct and indirect recruits you’ll need to reach level 9. Like all cash gifting schemes, 5D2C is likely to crash and burn well before anyone progresses very far down this particular matrix.

Meanwhile, Heydon will be raking in the dough from being in pre-loaded top positions in all the most active matrices. Make no mistake – the only one who’s guaranteed to get rich from this is him.

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