50 cent freedom

With so many different ways to make money online, the choices seem endless. It seems like every month there are new sites that pop up claiming to make you a millionaire with little to no effort or experience. Today there is a brand new site that claims you can earn up to $8,100 in a single month. The site is called 50 Cent Freedom.

50 Cent Freedom is based around the idea of cash gift giving. All you need is $0.50 and three recruits. From there you can build your dream life. The question is though, can you really make $8,000 a month? Or is this just another site that offers you the world and falls short of delivering?

What IsĀ 50 Cent Freedom?

According to Who.is, the site 50CentFreedom.us was registered on July 10, 2017. The site is registered to Sheri Vine with an address in Thailand. You will notice that the email address listed is Horizon Homestay. When you look further into Horizon Homestead, you will find that they have a Facebook page that has John Williams listed as the administrator.

Mr. Williams has been around for some time promoting various sites and opportunities. A few of the businesses Mr. Williams has promoted include Amazing5, Ultimate Bitcoin Builder, Global Moneyline, Quick Cycler, and Our Matrix Club.

While it is unclear the link between Sheri Vine and John Williams, both seem to be working together to bring you 50 Cent Freedom. Although neither one is listed as the rightful owner.

50 Cent Freedom Product

50 Cent Freedom doesn't offer any retail products or services. All you can do once you sign up is promote the site and the opportunity to make money.

50 Cent Freedom Opportunity

You will find that 50 Cent Freedom is a cash gifting 3×4 matrix. In order to start, you are required to pay $1.50. This money is split three ways to the people in your upline, each receiving $0.50 each. Once you make the payment you are then placed in on the top of the matrix system and can begin filling out positions below you.

The first level consists of finding three people to sign up directly below you. They, in turn, pay you $0.50 each. Then they go out and find three people of their own giving you a downline of nine which makes up your level two. The earning potential for level two is $13.50 with each of the nine affiliates paying you $1.50 once you gift $1.50 to be placed in level two.

Once you fill all the positions for level two you can graduate to level three when you gift $5.40 to your upline. When you do so, you then have 27 slots to fill where your recruits will pay you $5.40 each allowing you to earn $145.80.

The last level requires you to gift $100 and once you do, you will have 81 slots to fill. Each of those slots will require your recruit to pay you $100 each. When all 81 slots are filled you are looking at earning $8,100.

50 Cent Freedom Verdict

While the price may seem reasonable at first, the deeper you go the more you have to pay to play. The fact that this whole system revolves around getting new recruits should be a major red flag. After all, once the recruitment dies down, so does the money.

This site is still in the pre-launch stage and hasn't fully been available to the public. You will notice however that you can sign up and get in on this system right away. What is interesting though is how your sponsor is automatically listed as ‘admin'. Since it is unclear exactly who the admin is, you are looking to be placed at the bottom of the pole no matter which way you go.

The only real way that this system will be able to work for you is if you already have a downline in place. If you don't, you may find recruiting a bit difficult.

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