500 cash club

500 Cash Club presents itself as a work-from-home opportunity but is in fact a recruitment funnel for a company, known as Mobe, that sells digital products and offers affiliate income opportunities.

What Is 500 Cash Club?

There's no information regarding who's behind 500 Cash Club, as the site was registered anonymously when it was set up in late February of 2017. There's also no information on the site itself that indicates who might have set up the site.

However, it's a certainty that the anonymous creators of 500 Cash Club are Mobe affiliates, as this particular company places a premium on recruitment activity in addition to re-selling Mobe digital products for a commission.

This makes it impossible to talk about 500 Cash Club without also discussing Mobe.

We've reviewed Mobe in the past, so we'll cover it in brief: it's an online market place founded by Matt Lloyd that encourages high buy-ins by its associates in order to maximize earning potential.

Part of maximizing commissions relies heavily on recruitment activity, and there are a number of Mobe affiliates that create recruitment funnels like 500 Cash Club in order to facilitate their collection of new recruits.

500 Cash Club Product

There's absolutely no product associated with 500 Cash Club. The only activity you'll be presented with is to be funneled directly into Mobe as a new affiliate, not-so-incidentally coming in under the anonymous admin of 500 Cash Club.

500 Cash Club Opportunity

500 Cash Club provides you the “opportunity” to join Mobe as an affiliate, where you too will be presented with the ability to resell Mobe's wide array of digital education products to receive a commission yourself.

500 Cash Club Verdict

Mobe itself isn't necessarily a bad opportunity, as there are plenty of affiliates that have made serious cash re-selling the company's product line.

However, the compensation plan is highly complex and is reliant on ever-ballooning higher buy-ins to reach higher tiers of the company, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

There's also nothing wrong with being recruited by an existing Mobe affiliate in order to join their downline, but such recruitment activity needs to be open and honest, and not hidden behind the kind of smoke-and-mirror techniques that 500 Cash Club uses.

Instead, it promotes itself as a stand-alone work-from-home money making opportunity to grab the attention of people looking for such opportunities, only to engage in classic bait-and-switch tactics to get people to sign up for Mobe.

Recruits do so, often by paying an initial fee, of which the masterminds behind 500 Cash Club receive a commission.

Additionally, since these recruits are now in this anonymous recruiter's downline, the hard work for these recruits that decide to work the Mobe system end up partially filling the pockets of their duplicitous recruiters thanks to Mobe's residual compensation program.

Of course, the core problem here is that Mobe hasn't cracked down on this sort of behavior by its affiliates.

There are several sites like 500 Cash Club that work as anonymous Mobe recruitment funnels, and the fact that Mobe seems to be tacitly approving of the behavior is a concern.

With Mobe allowing its affiliates to engage in this behavior, it portrays the core character of the company itself as having a philosophy of “recruit at any cost.”

This makes Mobe much less about earning commissions from reselling its products and more about recruiting massive numbers of people to build up your own downline pyramid instead.

That's a serious red flag, and it's something that you might want to consider deeply if you are looking to join Mobe as an affiliate (though hopefully not through 500 Cash Club).

Company culture is very important when it comes to MLM/affiliate marketing companies, almost as much as having a sustainable product line.

Sadly you get neither of these things with 500 Cash Club, as it's just a thinly-veiled recruitment funnel that promises much and delivers little.

If you want to join Mobe that's fine, but do it through someone else, not through 500 Cash Club.

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