50k profits

50K Profits – sometimes also referred to as the “Business Success Alliance” – purports to be a high-ticket affiliate licensing program that can earn affiliates commissions as high as $50,000 on product sales.

What Is 50K Profits?

There's little on the 50K Profits website that reveals the individuals behind it except for a single image of a middle-aged couple labeled “John and Lynn.”

This is more information than the site's registration affords, as the name and address of the registrant is withheld by a private domain name registration service.

However, a little digging has revealed that “John” is John Toth, the former administrator of the “20K Profits” affiliate program, a cash gifting scheme that dates to 2015 and is no longer in operation.

Toth has been involved in other MLM activities in the past, such as Bioceutica and Inspired Living Application.

50K Profits Product

50K Profits claims to have a large array of products and services that affiliates can resell to others, but there is no evidence that there are any actual products. Instead, it seems that the entirety of the program revolves around affiliate recruitment.

50K Profits Opportunity

The 50K Profits affiliate program awards affiliates with recruitment commissions dependent on two factors: what rank they are within the company, and what rank the new affiliate decides to begin with.

There are seven membership levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, and Empire. Costs tied to these membership levels are as little as $500 for Bronze or as high as $50,000 for Empire.

A new affiliate's membership fee gets passed up to their direct sponsor; any portion of commissions this new affiliate makes that are higher in value than their own buy-in also gets funneled up the line.

For example, a new affiliate comes in at the Gold level, which costs $3,500. This amount gets fed to the affiliate's direct sponsor.

If this new Gold level affiliate recruits someone who then joins 50K Profits at the Platinum level, which costs $7,500, the Gold level affiliate keeps $3,500 while the rest of the commission goes up the line to the sponsor once again.

50K Profits Verdict

This is a pretty clear-cut case of yet another cash gifting scheme. With no product line to market, the only real activity that 50K Profits affiliates have is to market the membership itself.

This may be somewhat ameliorated by the fact that each new membership level comes with some bonus products like marketing eBooks and things of that nature, but these products can't be resold – they're just promotional materials.

Plus, there's no evidence that these materials are worth the cost of whatever membership tier a new affiliate chooses.

It's fairly obvious that 50K Profits is truly nothing more than a slightly novel approach to the old tried-and-true cash gifting scheme.

If anything it's more pernicious since it encourages affiliates to come in at the highest level they can afford so they will only be passing up a minimum of commissions. This means, of course, that the likelihood of high volumes of money moving up the chain to the top affiliate increases.

As in all cash gifting schemes, this top affiliate spot is almost always pre-filled by the site's administrator – in this case, John Toth.

He's the one who's ultimately going to be receiving those $50,000 commission payments, while everyone below him is going to deal with varying shades of disappointment – even someone coming in at Bronze with just a $500 buy-in is going to take a rather significant financial hit if they can't begin recruiting individuals themselves.

Even if you're hesitant to classify 50K Profits as a cash gifting scam, look at the past evidence. Toth's involvement in the now-defunct 20K Profits program, which was similarly structured and even includes some common website design elements, is both a red flag and a smoking gun.

As it stands, 50K Profits is doomed to failure. There are much better ways to spend your money than on this program.

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