7k metals

7K Metals is a “coin-of-the-month” precious metals membership service that affords members access to gold and silver bars and coins.

What Is 7K Metals?

Based in the state of Idaho, 7K Metals launched in 2016, founded by Richard Hansen, Josh Anderson, and Zach Davis. The CEO for 7K Metals is listed as Sam Cook.

Both Hansen and Cook have extensive backgrounds in the professional precious metals collection and management sectors, while Davis and Anderson are high-level MLM industry veterans who run Black Ink International, their own MLM training company.

The Product

The main product of 7K Metals is a membership service that entitles the purchase of gold and silver from the 7K Metals store. Membership costs $250 a year; alternatively, members can pay a $79 one-time fee in conjunction with a $10 monthly subscription to gain access.

The 7K Metals store offers gold and silver coins and bars at price points from just under $100 to several thousands of dollars depending on quantity and quality of the precious metals desired. Only 7K Metals members are eligible to purchase from the company's store.

The Opportunity

7K Metals offers an affiliate program to members based around sales volume. Affiliates who earn 500 sales volume points per week are entitled to a $1,000 commission.

Points are earned in the following way:

  • Selling a $250 membership to a new affiliate- 100 points
  • An existing affiliate buying coins via monthly autoship – 25 points per coin
  • A first-level affiliate purchases a coin from the store – variable

To remain an affiliate in good standing, you must generate at least 25 points in sales activity every 30 days. You must also recruit a minimum of two affiliates, and they  must generate a minimum of 25 points over the same period of time.

There is also a 5 percent matching bonus on all commissions earned by an affiliate's first-level recruits.


Precious metals are a commodity; therefore they do represent an investment opportunity. This makes them a popular choice for individuals who want a more solid, long-term investment that traditionally trends slowly but surely upwards, and this is likely to attract individuals to 7K Metals.

While the price of entry is rather steep at $250 a year, the kinds of individuals looking to become 7K Metals customers are looking to invest heavily in precious metals, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.

This means that there may be a large pool of prospects to pull from when it comes to building a downline.

However, with the focus on constant recruitment, total earnings potential is capped – while you might not run out of individuals interested in becoming 7K Metals customers, eventually there will come a time when you will not be able to find anyone willing to join 7K Metals as an affiliate and resell the membership program to others.

It's for this reason that 7K Metals may be extremely challenging to maintain over a long-term period. That, coupled with the expensive buy-in, may place this MLM marketing opportunity squarely out of reach of many.

If you're someone who's personally interested in accessing gold and silver bullion and coins relatively inexpensively compared to buying on the open market, 7K Metals may be a good choice – unless you find a less expensive supplier elsewhere, of course. At that point 7K Metals may not be worth the price of admission – or the effort in growing and maintaining a large stable list of affiliates under you.

If there were other ways to earn sales volume – such as marketing gold and silver to non-members – then the long-term stability of being a 7K Metals sales affiliate might be a bit better.

Likewise, don't forget that the overall success of the company is intrinsically tied to the market price of gold and silver – while it's highly unlikely these will bottom out any time soon, it's always a possibility.

This would wipe out the value of any coins or bars purchased through the site and bring an end to those $1,000 commission checks in a hurry.

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