Addium Smart Drug Review

While everyone is searching on how to make money, we wanted to shift the focus (pun-intended) into a new subject of interest for entrepreneurs – nootropic smart drugs.

As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for an edge to help us power through the daily tasks and actions. And we believe nootropics are the universal umbrella in which entrepreneurs and the like will start biohacking their way to smarter, more reliable, long term results.

Addium is a part of the wave of nootropic supplements that have been popping up over the past year. As the interest in cognitive enhancement has grown, so have the number of “brain pills”, or nootropic supplements like Addium.

About Addium

Addium Review

If you’ve been searching for a nootropic, chances are you’ve seen an advertisement for Addium by now. There are seemingly advertisements for Addium all over the Internet and Addium has quickly become one of the most popular nootropics on the market. However, the question is – does it really work as good as it says?

Ingredients in Addium

There are six main ingredients in Addium, all of which play a role in providing you with some form of cognitive enhancement. The six main ingredients in Addium are:

Tyrosine: This amino acid helps your body create neurotransmitters, which promote mental alertness.

GABA: This neurotransmitter helps prevent “over-excitement” to keep you focused on the tasks at hand.

Bacopa Monnieri: This herbal extract increases blood flow to the brain and is said to help support cognitive functions like memory and thinking.

Alpha GPC: Alpha GPC aids in the proper functioning of neurotransmission, which is integral to healthy brain functions as well as various other internal functions.

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine improves the brain’s utilization of glucose, which increases ATP energy production in the brain.

Huperzine A: Huperzine A inhibits an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine and actually causes decreases cognitive ability.

Out of all of these ingredients, huperzine is by far the most studied ingredient and it has been clinically proven to aid in cognitive ability – especially in people with cognitive diseases.

GABA also has some clinical support as does vinpocetine, but huperzine A is by far the most proven ingredient in Addium

Potential Benefits of Addium

Addium claims that there are three main benefits in its’ “cerebral enhancement complex.” It also claims that these three benefits can be felt within just a few days of use, which would make it one of the fastest-acting nootropic supplements on the market.

The three claimed benefits of Addium include:

— Increased Energy (Up To Six Hours)
— Improved Focus
— Increased Brain Power

To elaborate, Addium claims to increase brain power by improving brain activity, mental performance, and vigilance. It also claims to “zoom you in” so you’re motivated, alert, and concentrated so you can maximize your productivity.

Side Effects of Addium

Based on the current customer reviews, we have found that there some side effects associated with Addium. Since Addium does contain a small amount of caffeine so you may experience some jittery feelings, as well as some anxiety if you are sensitive to caffeine.

However, besides the small amount of caffeine, we haven’t found any evidence that would suggest Addium is a dangerous supplement or loaded with side effects. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, Addium may not be right for you. Otherwise, we haven’t found anything to suggest you’re at risk for anything dangerous to occur.

Addium Pricing

Addium is available for purchase directly from the official website of Addium. They offer three packages:

One Month Supply: $39.95
— Two Month Supply: $64.95
— Three Month Supply: $89.95

All of their orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, which they claim they guarantee to all of their customers. If for any reason you seem to be unsatisfied with your order of Addium, then you can return Addium for a full refund on your purchase within 30 days – no questions asked.

Is Addium Worth Buying?

Addium’s formula is much better than other nootropics we’ve reviewed and they offer a clear money back guarantee, which is great. We don’t think that Addium is necessarily the “game changer” it says it is, but it certainly seems to have a noticeable boost in cognitive ability in its’ users. Many users seem to actually be seeing results, and few have complained of side effects, which is another positive sign.

Based on the information we have, we feel that Addium may be worth trying. It’s affordable, contains some proven ingredients, and offers a money back guarantee. What more could you ask for? If you’re in the market for a nootropic, then give Addium a shot.

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