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Addys Focus

As the spirit of competition grows larger and larger throughout the country, whether in academics or athletics, the pressure put on students and athletes has increased exponentially.

Not only is this bad for the health of those put under this pressure, but it has also pushed them to resort to desperate measures to give them an edge over others. Schools are constantly having to deal with students sharing and selling medications that can help increase their focus.

Not only is this dangerous, but it’s illegal and can often cause more issues than it helped.


Addys Focus is a natural stimulant that helps users focus and concentrate. Unlike other medications that help users focus, Addys Focus does not require a prescription, nor does it cause any side effects, like crashes or headaches. Not only is Addys Focus a natural stimulant, it has been through rigorous clinical tests to determine its effectiveness, becoming one of the stimulants recommended by physicians across the country.

Addys Focus puts forth a challenge, called the Addys Challenge, which is built around stopping the sharing and selling of ADD and ADHD medications. By using Addys Focus in place of these illicit drugs, those who suffer from concentration problems won’t have to fake symptoms, share, or buy ADD and ADHD medication.

Instead of using these dangerous drugs without a prescription, those who use Addys Focus and take the Addys Challenge will have an all-natural alternative that works just as well as these chemical filled options.

The Science behind Addy Focus

The main force behind the success of Addys Focus is whole green coffee powder, or WGCP, a patent pending process. Not only has WGCP been shown to be effective in several clinical studies, but it has multiple benefits, making it a viable option for individuals who want to increase their focus in a healthy manner.

The effects of WGCP were studied by two of the most prestigious institutions in the industry. The first clinical study was done by Cleveland Clinic, rated as one of America’s top 4 hospitals for the past two decades. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit organization that has made a name for itself by not endorsing any of the products it studies. The clinic simply runs trials and studies and reports the facts.

The second clinical study done on WGCP was conducted by the University of Tampa. In this clinical study, the length of time that WGCP lasts was examined. The study looked at how long users could focus and concentrate after taking WGCP and whether or not these results were accompanied with an energy crash or other adverse side effects.

The Tampa University study done on WGCP found that the natural supplement can boost focus and concentration for up to six hours. What makes this so amazing is that WGCP does this with little to no side effects, as was proved by the participants in the clinical trials.

The Cleveland Clinic study found that those using WGCP were able to pay attention for longer periods of time, had improved spatial working memory, and their impulsivity and response inhibitions decreased. This led the leaders of the study to conclude that WGCP served as a great assistant for cognitive activities similar to things like studying for school.

The effects of WGCP were measured by Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery’s ADHD core battery.

Despite this, WGCP is not intended to treat or cure ADD or ADHD. It’s only been clinically tested to serve as a focus and study aid. The double blind clinical study involved neurotypical college students aged 18 to 25 years old.

What Is WGCP?

Whole green coffee powder, or WGCP, is a patent pending process of utilizing the natural concentration powers found in green coffee beans. WGCP, the active ingredient in Addys Focus, is the raw form of coffee, which is already heralded as a superfood. Raw, green coffee beans are packed full of amazing nutrients, including essential amino acids, caffeine, and fiber. These bright green beans are taken from the red coffee berries and aren’t roasted, so they maintain these nutrients and the health benefits that come with the nutrients.

One of the most beneficial ingredient in WGCP is chlorogenic acid, which aids weight loss. When green coffee beans are roasted, making the more commonly known brown coffee bean, the majority of the chlorogenic acid, as well as the nutrients mentioned above, is lost. This means that when drinking coffee, only a small amount of the benefits that could be gained from the product is actually provided to the consumer.


The WGCP Process

WGCP involves four distinct steps to make the Addys Focus supplement. First, the bright red berries that contain green coffee beans are picked. Secondly, the green coffee beans are separated from the berry and are sun dried. By sun drying these beans instead of roasting them, the beans are able to retain their nutrients. And, unlike roasted coffee beans, sun dried green coffee beans keep their vivid green color.

The third step in the WGCP procedure is a patent pending process that breaks down the beans into powder, all while maintaining the amazing acids, fiber, and caffeine that make these beans a superfood. And finally, the last step in the WGCP process is creating the WGCP capsules, or Addys Focus.

Benefits of WGCP

The number one benefit of WGCP is that it provides both the focus and the energy people need to excel in their chosen field. This could mean being energized and focused for a big game or being able to concentrate and memorize information for an important test. Whatever user’s needs, WGCP provides the extra boost that will help put them over the top. And, because WGCP has a natural time release, it doesn’t cause undue stress on the heart or cause the jitters that are so often associated with energy supplements and focus pills.

The big problem with caffeine extracts or caffeine in liquid form is that they deliver the caffeine in one shot. When a user gets this shot, they receive all the energy that the caffeine provides at once, which is too much energy at one time. This sudden hit of caffeine causes nervousness, shakes, restlessness, increased heart rates, and even stomach irritations. Not only is this unhelpful, but it wear on the heart, causing it to become weaker over time.

With WGCP, organic caffeine that is part of a whole food is released slowly, over an extended period of time. Not only does this give users the energy they need immediately, it keeps those energy levels consistent and smooth. And, because WGCP releases the caffeine slowly, there are no adverse side effects, like the shakes or restlessness. As the WGCP leaves the system, it does so gradually, giving the brain time to replenish dopamine levels, so users don’t even notice WGCP has stopped working.

Finally, because WGCP doesn’t cause rapid heart rates or stomach issues, it can be used long-term, without the any worries of adverse side effects down the road.

Who Can Use Addys Focus?

While Addys Focus is perfect for students who want to focus longer on their studies and remember better, it can be used by a wide variety of people for different purposes. Athletes have found that taking Addys Focus helps them perform better and stay energized throughout practices and games. Because Addys Focus doesn’t cause a crash after use, athletes are able to recover properly after exerting themselves.

Because Addys Focus also helps with concentration, it is the perfect option for children who have problems focusing in school, but aren’t ADD or ADHD. Because Addys Focus is made from natural ingredients, it’s the perfect option for parents who want their children to do well in school, but are worried about the dangers of using chemicals and fillers with their children.

The need for focus, concentration, and energy doesn’t end when a person ages. Senior citizens have been finding great success with Addys Focus. As people age, the mind tends to wander more and more and finding the energy to get up and go is more difficult. With Addys Focus, older adults are able to live their lives to the fullest, with their minds sharper than ever, all while feeling more energized.

Purchasing Addys Focus

Addys Focus currently has three offers on its website for purchasing its product.

1 Bottle Addys Focus (1 Month Supply): $49 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling

2 Bottles Addys Focus +1 Free Bottle (3 Months Supply): $108 ($36/Bottle) +Free Shipping

3 Bottles Addys Focus +2 Free Bottles (5 Months Supply): $164 ($32.80/Bottle) +Free Shipping

Addys Focus also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reasons, customers do not feel that Addys Focus is living up to expectations, they can return their product and get a refund for their purchase.

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