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Ads Division Review

Ads Division is a recently launched company that deals with online advertising and revenue creation. The domain name for the website was purchased this past April, giving an indication as to how young the company is. Ads Division promises the chance to drive traffic to your website and earn money through advertising revenue at the same time.


The Company

There is little information available regarding Ads Division, which is expected for a brand new company. However, the company’s website does nothing to inform visitors about the company or its leaders other than a short video in a rather tiny window that starts playing when you get to the site. The man speaking in the video introduces himself as Jeff Martinez, although he does not give himself a title, only saying that he is speaking from his office, which is presumably at Ads Division headquarters. This leaves us to assume that he is the president and founder of the company, but there’s no confirmation of that.


In the video, Martinez says that he has spent most of his professional life working as an advertising manager, most notably in a real estate firm. However, he does not say what specific companies he’s work for or where he’s worked. He appears to be professional and intelligent, although his English is far from perfect, leaving one to assume he is not a native English speaker.

Other than what he says in the video, there’s little information that can be found about Martinez. He is the sole admin of the Ads Division Facebook page, while his personal Facebook page was only created in June and says he’s based out of the Marshall Islands, a common hideout for companies looking for a tax haven.

The Product

The only product or service that Ads Division sells is advertising packs. These Ad Packs costs $5 and give affiliates advertising credits that can be used to advertise your business on the Ads Division website. Depending on the Ad Pack purchased, Ads Division offers various banner displays and promises your site will get unique visits. The caveat is that users have to watch at least 10 ads each day in order to be eligible to receive profits.

The Opportunity

Ads Division claims on its website that it’s the world’s only company that allows groups to purchase Ad Packs. In his introductory video, Martinez talks briefly about the importance of working in groups and says his goal was to create a program that will allow the average person to become involved in advertising, which he believes is accomplished through the company’s group plan.

The return on investment groups are able to receive depends on the amount invested. Ads Division has five levels of investment (distinguished by five different colors) ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 with a return of investment that ranges from 110% to 150%. Affiliates are able to increase the rate of their return on investment depending on the amount of people sponsoring their business.

Ads Division also offers three levels of referral commissions, starting at 7% for personally recruiting a new affiliate. The company’s affiliates are also eligible for referral commissions when affiliates they recruited receive return on investment payments. The percentage ranges from 5% to 10% depending on the initial level of investment.

The Verdict

There are a number of reasons why one would be suspicious of Ads Division and hesitant to get involved with the company. The fact that it’s a new company whose domain name was only purchased a few months ago is just the starting point. The company has no history and no proven track record of success. On top of that, assuming Martinez is the founder and owner of the company, there is no concrete information about him. We have little knowledge of his professional background, education, or his level of expertise running a company like this.

Even if you were to pay $5 for an Ad Pack to drive traffic to your website without making a significant investment, Ads Division may not be worthwhile. The way the company functions, a majority of the people who will see your advertisement are Ads Division affiliates who need to watch 10 per day in order to fill a quota. This does little to increase your company’s visibility or drive quality traffic to your site.

Finally, the way the company’s payment structure is set up, earning money is dependent on new investors constantly coming aboard, which is not unusual for a company like this, but difficult to guarantee. Without constant recruitment of new investors, it’s unlikely that an affiliate will ever reach their full potential in terms of the return on investment Ads Division is offering. This makes Ad Division more akin to a scam than a way to make money and improve your business unless you have an expert-level understanding of how to succeed using a company likes Ads Division.

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