Adver Blast is the newest advertising platform to get your product or message out to the masses. The site states that Adver Blast is a brand-new way to advertise and cannot be compared to the traditional way you advertise.

What Is Adver Blast?

The site was registered October 2013 to Mr. David Easley from Louisville, Kentucky. You will find that Adver Blast is listed as a Clickbank product and can find it in the Affiliate Marketplace.

As for Mr. Easley, you will find similar people through a simple google search. However, none of these people state that they are the owner of Adver Blast. When looking into Facebook and other social media sites, you will find the same results.

The Product

Advertising is the name of the game with Adver Blast.

The site states that Adver Blast will allow you to reach thousands of people daily. The people that receive your ad have already opted-in to receive ads. That means that you aren't spamming people with your message or product.

Plus you will be able to send your message or product to over 1.6 million ad exchange members by simply clicking a button.

To get this powerful advertising tool, all you have to do is pay $47. Adver Blast is for life. So you don't need to worry about a monthly subscription to keep your ad circulated each month. Just pay the $47 and you are set.

The Opportunity

As stated before, Adver Blast is sold through Clickbank. In order to start earning 50% commission on every sale, you will need a Clickbank affiliate account. Signing up to Clickbank is simple and easy. Once you have your account set up through Clickbank you can search the Affiliate Marketplace and get your unique link to start promoting AdverBlast.

According to Clickbank, 50% commission is $21.12 for every person that buys the product. Plus when you sign up to promote Adver Blast you will get all the promotional materials you need. The site gives you text ads and an email template to use.

If you want to go more technical with banners and what not you will have to create those yourself, just remember to link your Clickbank link to the banner before publishing your website with the new ad.

The Verdict

Adver Blast is a legit way to get your product or message out to the masses. You find the system easy to use and follow. The added bonus of having your product shown to over 1.6 million people is what makes this system so amazing.

The fact that Adver Blast is a Clickbank product allows you to promote and earn extra cash. You can track your payments through your dashboard on the Clickbank website.

Now, when looking for reviews as to whether or not AdverBlast makes good on its promises is kind of difficult. Because of Clickbank, you will find a lot of reviews that seem to only speak good things so that the reviewer can make the sale.

Don't let that stop you from trying it out yourself. You will find that your numbers of sales will increase by using this unique system. The reason for the increase is due to the people who have opted-in to receive ads on their mobile devices.

Adver Blast is strictly for mobile devices which is why it is so unique. In today's world more and more people are using their phones instead of their computers. But since this program targets phone advertisements, you are good to go and get your product seen.

The site itself is a bit elementary. Sure there is a video you can watch to get a better idea of how Adver Blast can help you, but that's about as high-tech as it gets.

Despite the lack of “wow” power the website has, the 60-day money back guarantee should convince you that it is worth checking out. If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence and get people to see what you are selling, Adver Blast is the way to go.

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