Who doesn't want to find an easy job online and make money? Adwazo is an online platform that allows its members to make money by doing simple tasks like watching Youtube videos or visiting specific websites. Each task is fairly simple to complete and doesn't take a whole lot of time making it a perfect solution for stay at home parents or anyone looking for something to do.

But is it really worth your time? Can you make enough money or does it take forever to get paid out?

What Is Adwazo?

According to, the site was registered August 2, 2016. Mr. Bill Lay is listed as the owner of the site with an address located in the British Virgin Islands. You will also find that Adwazo has a social presence on Facebook which is used to promote the site and the opportunity to make a few bucks.

Adwazo Product

Adwazo doesn't offer any retail products. Nor will you find any services listed. All a member can do is share the membership plan with others to get them to sign up and start using the site.

Adwazo Opportunity

There are three ways for a member to earn extra money. The first way is by building a downline and getting people to sign up. When you first sign up you are offered four different plans. The first is the “Basic” which will run you $50. The second is “Medium” which costs $100. Then there is the “Professional” plan with a price tag of $200. Lastly, there is the “Enthusiast” plan that costs $300.

It doesn't matter which plan you get a recruit to sign up for, you will earn a 10% commission.

The second way for you to earn is through residual commissions. The way to earn residual commission is to get at least two people signed up under you with a membership plan higher than “Basic”.

Then you have your weekly ROI for doing the simple tasks that are available for you to do. This is where picking your membership plan comes into play. If you sign up as a “Basic” member you are looking at earning about $5 per week for 22 weeks. When you sign up for a “Medium” membership you can look to make about $10 per week for 22 weeks. The “Professional” plan allows you to earn $20 per week for the same time frame and lastly, the “Enthusiast” plan will earn you about $30 a week for 22 weeks.

Adwazo Verdict

Adwazo makes for a great site if you have spare time. The tasks are simple and easy to do, but you won’t be able to quit your day job. If you are looking at making this a second income for your family, you are going to have to seriously work the business and get people to sign up under you. That is after all how the site is situated.

Adwazo relies too much on getting new recruits into the site. The fact that most of the money that comes in will go out to pay other affiliates should make you question if signing up is worth it. The best thing you can do is steer clear of these kinds of sites. Unless of course, you have nothing better to do with your time and in that case you can complete the tasks and get paid for it.

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