Affiliate University

Affiliate U. is an online training program teaching its students how to run a successful affiliate business.

The AffiliateU Company

The man behind Affiliate University is named Tim Schmidt.  Since the value of this education and hence the worth of the product hinges entirely upon this one man, it's important to know who he is.

Who is Tim Schmidt?

Tim Schmidt is an affiliate marketer who, by his own account, has made a lot of money.  He started his career in the early aughts and by 2005 felt secure enough with his abilities that he'd try living abroad and experiencing the laptop lifestyle in Costa Rica.

All was rainbows and lollipops until Mr. Schmidt, like everyone else, suffered a major blow during the 2008 stock market fiasco.  He suffered an 80% decrease in worth of his portfolio, which contained most of his savings.  Actually, he states that he had put all of his money into the stock market.

He also lost his major source of income, which was doing online marketing for a real estate project.  If you remember, 2008 was the start of the Great Recession and real estate in particular took a big hit.

He had to start all over again from scratch and did so by pumping out content on skin care for a website.  Turns out the timing was good because as we all now know, good content is one of the key components in successful online marketing.  His affiliate commissions started coming in again and he realized he had a good formula once again.

That formula forms the crux of Mr. Schmidt's Affiliate University.

The Product

Affiliate University is an online education program where enrollees can learn Tim Schmidt's method of making money with affiliate marketing.

It's described as self-paced and in the end you have a strategy that you can apply to create an authority website in any niche.

Enrolling in Affiliate University costs $997.  You may separate this into three payment of $397 each but any way you cut it, this is a hefty amount.  What do you get for the nearly thousand dollars?  You get:

  • Lifetime membership
  • Access to all Affiliate U content
  • Professor Schmidt's 5 Pillars of Marketing course (which equals over 30 lectures)
  • Access to the winning strategy employed by someone who made millions
  • Access to a motivational forum that has other Affiliate University students on it
  • Bonuses

The Verdict

Tim Schmidt gives a great landing page, that's for sure.  But what's missing is, ironically, some authority.  If everything he says is true, the near-thousand dollar price tag is a bargain.  But if you look closely, there's no third-party authentication here.

If he's so into helping people, why hasn't he made a name for himself before Affiliate University?  Where is he on the forums?  Search engines?  And how about some social proof in the form of social media…can we see his LinkedIn page please?  Facebook?

Even a search for Mark Schmidt “Affiliate University” brings up nothing.  He doesn't seem to be trying to establish himself as an authority on affiliate marketing so he's not a very good advertisement for his own product.

The mystery of who Mark Schmidt is continues…

It doesn't help that the footer links on Affiliate University's website don't go anywhere,  Most online businesses now get it but these guys aren't quite on the ball in this regard.  Most know by now that it's important to have all of the following, in order to comply with regulations (not to mention look authentic):

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Anti Spam

It may be an oversight, but you can't be too careful in this business.  Any hint of impropriety and a shadow of doubt has been cast.  Those document links are also a good way to figure out who's behind an offer, so the mystery is really mounting.

It would be hard to fork over a thousand bucks to a mystery man who forgot to link to his terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer and anti-spam messages which are the last remaining shreds of any type of guarantee whatsoever that customers aren't going to get scammed.

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  1. Uh……you should check your stats, sir. First of all, you can’t even get his name right, which is probably why you can’t find him.

    The guy owns one of the largest anti aging companies in the online space, an electronic cigarette company that was one of the pioneers in the industry, and early e-cig YouTube channel with tons of views that put him as a top affiliate there.

    Who uses forums? Lol. Even so, who uses their real name as their handle?

    Color me skeptical, but I feel this is intentional. As a student of Tim’s (not Mark, sir) he’s an absolute guru. But if you can’t even get his name right or find his Linked IN, then you certainly aren’t credible enough to even write a review about him.


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