Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training company that offers a wide range of training resources to assist people in learning and mastering the art of affiliate marketing. Affilorama offer a wide range of content, from lessons and videos, forum and affiliate tools to interviews with leading successful affiliate marketers and more, Affilorama is a comprehensive starting point for anybody looking to get into the affiliate marketing industry.

In this review we’ll take a close look at Affilorama and the courses they offer, in addition to breaking down the philosophy and method behind the Affilorama system. We’ll also look at some of the recommended techniques used by Affilorama and provide some interesting history about the site.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a tried and tested way of generating income online by promoting or advertising the products offered by other companies and generating a commission for each product that is sold. There is a long history behind affiliate marketing, and people who use this method to generate income are generally called affiliates, partners or associates. There are many different ways of advertising products as an affiliate marketer, from direct email marketing to banner advertising on websites, but affiliate marketing isn’t restricted solely to these advertising channels- any web presence whatsoever can be transformed into a promotional avenue for the products you are advertising.

Affiliate marketing can refer to a wide range of things, including but not limited to identifying profitable products to partner with and promote, constructing and hosting websites, conducting in depth market research, optimising websites to appear higher and more prominently in web search results, discovering creative new ways to promote and advertise products, conducting social media advertising campaigns, direct email marketing, pay per click advertising campaigns, creating or paying for content for advertising material, displaying advertisements on websites you own and more.

Affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity for creative and motivated individuals to exit the ‘rat race’ and become their own boss, working for themselves from anywhere in the world. Affiliate marketing is also a great passive source of income that doesn’t require 24/7 hands on attention and can even generate income while you’re asleep. Offering the opportunity for hardworking individuals to effectively write their own paychecks, affiliate marketing opens doors to worldwide travel and luxury lifestyles for successful and innovative marketers.

The affiliate marketing industry, however, can be very confusing when approached for the first time as the learning curve is quite steep. It can be difficult to pick an effective method of marketing products from the wide range of different advertising avenues, and new affiliate marketers can often become bogged down in contradictory and confusing amounts of information. Finding an affiliate marketing model that works well can be difficult and time consuming, and this is here Affilorama comes in.

The Affilorama Method

Affilorama promises to make the process of getting started in Affiliate marketing streamlined, simple and straightforward. Presenting a system that is proven, repeatable, reliable, future proof, demonstrates progress quickly, explains each individual step of the process with no ambiguity and is completely foolproof, Affilorama promises to educate newcomers to the affiliate marketing game with a predictable method that can be followed by anybody.

The creator of the Affilorama system, Mark Ling, found out about affiliate marketing in the mid nineties. Working as a pizza delivery driver and earning just five dollars an hour, Ling was astounded when a friend showed him a cheque for fifty dollars that he’d generated by placing banner ads on a small website. To Ling, fifty dollars represented a considerable amount of work, so he set immediately set about getting involved in the developing internet marketing industry and soon had a series of small sites h’d made himself generating income.

Within fourteen years Ling transformed his small business into a seven figure affiliate marketing empire by promoting other people’s products and developing his own. Selling products from all markets, including language lessons, dating tips, dog training and guitar lessons, Ling refined his method until he’d created a reliable system for generating solid income from affiliate marketing.

Ling’s Affilorama system has just five basic requirements- students interested in learning the secret method that made Ling so successful must possess basic computer skills, be able to afford minor domain hosting costs, be able to follow simple step by step instructions, remain focused, and have the patience to wait for results to start to occur. For students that meet these criteria, Ling offers to share his method with them via his AffiloBlueprint course.

The AffiloBlueprint course consists of an intensive step by step course that will share with students the best methods of generating income via affiliate marketing Ling has developed over a fourteen year period. Providing easy to understand ideas presented in a simple to follow steps, AffiloBlueprint includes information on market research and keywords, content creation, website development, website design and more.

AffiloBlueprint teaches eager affiliate marketers how to construct appealing websites that generate great income from historically profitable topics, from finding the best niche to target to which individual products to promote and how to create great content that will get people wanting to buy the products advertised. AffiloBlueprint also provides a breakdown of the best strategies for bringing people to the websites you create, from the ins and outs of SEO, to social media management, ad swaps, solo ads, media buys, pay per click and more.

AffiloBlueprint provides a breakdown of the process of monetization and shares key tips on analyzing key factors that contribute to increased sales figures and in turn increased profitability. Once students have finished the AffiloBlueprint course they are armed with a well built, well marketed and profitable website.

Affilorama Course Pricing

The Affilorama AffiloBlueprint course is priced at $197 USD and includes over ninety step by step videos, downloadable lessons and courses, access to a private member’s forum, lifetime access to affilorama lessons, the AffiloTheme website builder, free 1-year web hosting for one website, and a Affilorama Premium trial that lasts a month, all with a 60 day money back guarantee. Affilorama is a great place to start for confused potential affiliate marketers that would like to find a comprehensive one stop shop for affiliate marketing information designed for absolute beginners.

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