The Affirm-a-Life Masterclass Program is a self-improvement audio series designed in restructuring the reader's life to be more successful and to increase abundance on a myriad of levels.

What Is Affirm-A-Life?

Affirm-a-Life is purportedly linked to an organization known as Goalzila, a personal development blog and website that focuses on promoting health and well-being among its readers.

The Goalzila website is registered to one Isabel Nicole, with no additional information available. However, the Affirm-a-Life website is registered to an Emily Wong with a Goalzila email address. Wong is listed as being located in Singapore; the address is listed as a virtual office location.

The Product

Affirm-a-Life is a series of audio tracks across several CDs that provides positive reinforcement and affirmations to listeners. Spending time listening to these audio tracks consistently over a long period of time will purportedly change a listener's outlook to one of positivity and abundance, which is then supposed to bring better things into the listener's life as a result. These claims are typical with “power of positive thinking” products such as Affirm-a-Life.

The entire “Masterclass” of audio discs is available for a one-time payment of $47. The entire checkout process is managed by ClickBank on behalf of Goalzila.

The Opportunity

It is unclear what sort of opportunity is being presented by Affirm-a-Life. There is an “Affiliate” link on the bottom of the page, but clicking it only sends you back to the top of the original page.

This leads us to believe that there may have been an affiliate opportunity in marketing Affirm-a-Life at one point, or there is perhaps an affiliate program still being developed by Goalzila. Whatever the truth, it is obvious that no direct affiliate opportunity is available currently.

Meanwhile, abundance-based personal growth products that tout the power of positive thinking, such as “The Secret,” have been largely criticized for years as being ineffective or outright hoaxes designed to liberate money from credulous individuals looking to make their own lives better in any way that they can. Still, at just $47, there is little to lose by purchasing the Affirm-a-Life Masterclass besides your dignity.


The power of positive thinking might work for some people, but attempting to monetize it is usually the sign of a crass, disrespectful cash-grab. The Affirm-a-Life Masterclass seems to be firmly in this camp, as it looks to be an attempt on the part of Goalzila to funnel their site visitors†- individuals who are already interested in self-improvement – into a sales pitch for a product that likely doesn't work.

There is more to criticize about Goalzila and Affirm-a-Life. On one page for Affirm-a-Life, the creator of the program is listed as one “Jennifer Roberts,” who claims to be a certified life and wellness coach. The accompanying image, purportedly of Ms. Roberts, is taken from Shutterstock, a well-known stock image website.

While a cursory web search with her name reveals there are several individuals named Jennifer Roberts working in the field of professional leadership coaching, there are no indications that any of these people is the same one that supposedly created the Affirm-a-Life program. It is for these reasons – and many more – that we can't recommend Affirm-a-Life as a product, even though it retails for a relatively paltry $47..

There are more legitimate abundance-style self-improvement programs out there if you are interested in pursuing such an opportunity. However, there are also many scams and cons out there that use the language of the power of positive thinking to clothe their cash-grab products in a veneer of respectability to fool individuals looking for legitimate self-improvement guidance.

The people behind these products likely do not believe in them and are only using them to separate you from your hard-earned cash, so it's highly recommended to find a legitimate, well-respected source for self-improvement materials or life coaching if you are interested in pursuing an abundance-style program.

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