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All1x2s is a three-tier matrix cycler affiliate program, dependent on constant recruitment in order to progress from an initial $5 buy-in to a hypothetical (and highly unlikely) $2020 payout.

What Is All 1x2s?

There's no information regarding who runs All1x2s on the website itself. The site registration lists a “Mickie Jones” at a fabricated address in New York, only revealing that the company was founded in late June of 2017.

It's fairly obvious that there's unlikely to be an actual admin with the name Mickie Jones. Whoever the anonymous owner of All1x2s is will be impossible to determine.

All 1x2s Product

There's no product to market with All1x2s. The site claims to have “high quality” products on offer, but in actuality, members can only market the affiliate program to fill their own matrix and cycle to a better-paying one, ostensibly in order to emerge at the top of the heap.

The All1x2 system works on a three-tier system, with a total of 4 matrices in each tier to work through.

Moving from one matrix to another (and eventually one tier to another) involves filling out each level by recruiting two new affiliates – in essence, you are purchasing positions in the cycler and then earning commission-based income whenever you recruit others to purchase positions as well.

The breakdown of each tier is as follows:

Tier 1:

10×2=20 in revenue, keep $5
15×2=30 in revenue, keep $10
20×2=40 in revenue, keep $15
25×2=50 in revenue, keep $25

Tier 2:

$30 x 2 = $60 in revenue, keep none
$60 x 2 = $120 in revenue, keep $30
$90 x 2 = $180in revenue, keep $50
$130 x 2 = $260 in revenue, keep $60
$200 x 2= $400 in revenue, keep $25

Tier 3:

$150 x 2 = $300 in revenue, keep none
$300 x 2 = $600 in revenue, keep $100
$500 x 2 = $1000 in revenue, keep $300
$700 x 2 = $1400, keep 1400

All 1x2s Opportunity

The opportunity presented here is for individuals to make upwards of $2000 or more if they progress through the entirety of each matrix cycler, all based on an initial $5 investment. However, due to the nature of matrix cycler schemes, it's unlikely this will occur.

All 1x2s Verdict

Matrix schemes such as All1x2s almost never work, and for good reason – the entire linchpin of the scheme is aggressive unending recruitment. Each affiliate needs two recruits of their own to progress through the tiers, but each of those recruits needs their own two recruits, who need their own two recruits, and so on and so forth.

Eventually, you run out of people interested in joining the scheme, and once that occurs, payments into the system cease.

What happens next is inevitable: no payments in means no payments out, and the entire scheme collapses on itself. Anyone who didn't finish out their fourth tier isn't going to receive the income they were hoping for.

Meanwhile, the anonymous admin of this scheme – who conveniently installed themselves at the top of the sponsor heap – gets a cut of just about everything.

Please don't fool yourself into thinking you can get a matrix cycler like All1x2s to work for you. Unless you're the one actually running the scam at the highest levels and pre-loading matrix positions for you and your accomplices, you're unlikely to make much money at all.

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