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Amazon Video Direct Review

Amazon Video Direct is a platform designed to help the many content creators and publishers receive recognition and earn some money while doing so.


The Company

Amazon Video Direct is owned by none other than Amazon company. The platform gives those who create videos and online entertainment content a place to share their work in the video hub, allowing access to the millions of Amazon Prime customers. Amazon Prime members will have full access to all of the videos published.

The company will generate income through a revenue split, which is similar to many other video streaming platforms, such as YouTube. Amazon will keep 45% of the earnings that are provided through the ads and then another 50% is generated through purchases, rental and subscription revenues.

The Product

The service offers a platform for video producers and content creators to share their hard work. There is a monthly licensing fee necessary in order to use the platform, similar to that of Amazon Prime. The fee is deducted from the earnings, if there is not enough revenue available to afford the fee you will simply be charged for it.

Amazon Video Direct is extremely easy to use for both creators,as well as, the customers. Navigation of the site is simple. Whether you currently have an Amazon account or are completely new to the system getting started will take no time at all.

Amazon offers completely unique distribution methods. The uploading and publishing process are both said to be fast and simple. Amazon Video Direct uses their dashboard to monitor all of the performance that occurs on the site, this allows for updates and information to be distributed fast and efficiently.


The Opportunity

The opportunity available with Amazon Video Direct will allow content creators to become well known worldwide, while they generate an income for themselves. The content owners will earn 15 cents for every hour of their videos, within the United States. The platform is also available in Japan, the U.K., Germany and Austria. For those who are uploading content outside the US, they will receive 6 cents for every hour of content streamed by Amazon Prime members.

There are several ways you can collect revenue:

  1. Earn royalties based on the amount of hours your content is streamed by Amazon Prime Members.
  2. Receive a revenue share on all video rentals you upload.
  3. Receive royalties based on your videos and content purchased.
  4. Through viewers monthly subscriptions to your videos you will receive a share of the profits.
  5. You can earn money based on the Ad impressions on your videos.
  6. You can combine all of the above 5 methods in order to generate a revenue.

Your content will be available to anyone wherever Amazon Prime is currently available. You have the availability to optimize how your titles are offered and promoted. Beginning in June 2016, once a month Amazon Video Direct will split and payout shares of $1 Million bonus. The bonus will be distributed evenly between the creators videos that have been listed as the “Top 100” within Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Direct. That is a potential 10,000 dollar bonus before fees.

The Verdict

Amazon Video Direct is giving those who create video and visual content an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The monthly fee is only $8.99 which is extremely cheap. Amazon has been around since the late 90's early 2000. They have a name for themselves and are well established and recognized around the world. YouTube offers a very similar service and has since day 1, but this is also another good opportunity to share your work and generate an income that will pay off all of your work and dedication.

The royalty percentage is extremely low so the longer the videos the better. There are various ways to earn the money including the $1 Million a month. At this time it is slightly difficult to say whether Amazon Video Direct will be a hit or miss in the virtual world, as it is so new coming out in late April – early May.

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