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James Rickards, an†author and finance expert, feels a financial collapse is imminent. When this happens, Rickards believes investments like bonds, commodities, and stocks are also doomed. Thatís where New America 2020 comes in.

Porter Stansberry agrees. His financial website offers a book detailing steps that will save people from financial ruin.

Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry Research, created as†the best way to get a discounted copy of his book America 2020: The Survival Blueprint. This book is a comprehensive guide on the steps people should take now in order to protect their finances in the future.

The content within the book has merit for a beginner†looking for ways to invest outside the usual markets. As much†of the information is available online,'s advice†may be better suited to a novice than to someone with years of financial knowledge.


The Company

Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research after leaving his position as editor of Fleet Street Letter. This financial research company opened in 1999. It†strives to keep its subscribers up to date with financial information, news, and upcoming trends.

Stansberry Research offers subscriptions to Stansberryís Investment Advisory, a financial newsletter that has more than 400,000 subscribers in countries around the world.†Stansberryís also provides†The Stansberry Digest, a daily newsletter that covers news regarding the economy and stock markets. The company holds a yearly financial conference, offers investment services, and links readers to blogs with important financial advice.

In 2003, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a suit against Stansberry. Thousands of Stansberryís subscribers received an email stating theyíd be told the name of a company whose shares were set to double. Theyíd only get the name if they paid $1,000. People paid the fee and shares in the company surged due to the increased trading volume. Stansberry admitted the source of his financial tip came from the companyís director of investor relationships.

What Is New America 2020?

New America 2020 calls America 2020: The Survival Blueprint†ìan ownerís manual for how to protect yourself and your family.î Itís designed to help readers get their finances in place before†the impending financial crisis. Readers learn more about the following topics:

  • Discover the best asset to own in a financial crisis.
  • Find legal ways to†store money outside of the U.S.
  • Gain tips for organizing financial paperwork.
  • How can buyers purchase†silver for less than $3?
  • Learn about the†safest currencies to†possess.
  • Uncover the three assets people do not have to report they own.
  • What are the†two worst investments to make?
  • What is the best business to own?
  • Where should people live during a†financial crisis?

Right now, New America 2020 is offering a sale on America 2020: The Survival Blueprint. Pay just $19 for the hardcover edition and a free digital copy. Only a credit card is acceptable.

Porter Stansberry goes to say how this is a big savings. Sites like EBay list the book for†as much as $123. Buy from and get three free gifts. Those downloadable freebies include:

  • The 100% Secret
  • The Gold Investorís Manual
  • The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% in America Today

When a consumer buys the book from, they also sign up for a 30-day trial of Stansberryís Investment Advisory. Unless they cancel before the 30-day trial ends, it renews automatically. The subscription is charged to the same credit card used for the book's purchase. Many people miss this fine print. Itís important to know how to cancel it to avoid the automatic renewal.

Last Word About New America 2020

Reviews for America 2020: The Survival Blueprint arenít great. Many readers feel the book contains information found free online. They say they've found similar advice in affordable financial self-help books. Some claim they received the downloads and never received the hardcover copy or vice versa.

Itís also worth noting that Stansberry Research says, ìNOT a low-price replacement for an experienced money manager, broker, or investment advisor.î Itís very unlikely that those buying this book take the time to read the fine print. The company†advises purchasers to†see an expert before making any financial decision based on what is read in America 2020. One final word of warning from Stanberry Research: ìWe make mistakes.î

New America 2020 promises itís a risk-free offer. If someone buys the book and doesnít find it useful, return it to the companyís Baltimore office and get a refund. The cost of return shipping is the buyerís responsibility.

Many Better Business Bureau complaints cover the confustion†with the automatic-renewal policy. Customers buy the book without realizing they are agreeing to a subscription with Stanberryís Investment Advisory. The 30-day trial of that comes with the book automatically renews to a full subscription.

When the 30 days ends, the company charges the purchaserís credit card $149. Cancellations cannot be completed online. New America 2020 claims they must speak to a person to avoid confusion with banking accounts. Consumers must call the Baltimore office (1-888-261-2693) personally and talk to a customer service representative to complete a cancellation.

If a purchaser finds a charge on their account†and didnít mean for it to happen, they must also call customer service to get the charge refunded. The company only refunds the $149 if they receive a call within 30 days of the charge being processed. If a buyer continues a subscription with Stansberryís Investment Advisory, the price increases to $199 after the first year.

New America 2020 benefits those†looking to learn financial skills. Itís great for people looking at alternative investment ideas. As many miss the cancellation policy, itís vital for consumers to know they've signed up for the newsletter with the book's purchase. It's vital to†cancel within the trial period or within 30 days of being billed the $149.

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