ankur agarwal email profits mastermind

Ankur Agarwal Email Profits Mastermind – blissfully shortened to Email Profits for short – is a free case study and accompanying training program on how to make fortunes through email marketing methods.

What Is Email Profits?

Email Profits is a product of Ankur Agarwal, an internet marketer who claims to have made more than $12 million in both online and offline business opportunity industries by leveraging the power of email marketing.

Agarwal goes on to state that he has one of the biggest marketing lists with over 538,000 entries, has built teams in excess of 175,000 members across the globe, and once recruited 130 people in a single day.

A member of the Digital Altitude affiliate marketing program, Agarwal is in the top 10 earners of that company, having made $7 million there alone.

Email Profits Product

The Email Profits product begins with a free taste – a 30-minute case study on email marketing, narrated by Agarwal, which acts as promotional material for prospective students to apply to Agarwal's mentorship program.

Details on the actual training and mentorship program itself are vague and hidden behind an “exclusive application process” that Agarwal does his best to talk up as something that is extremely difficult to pass. Pricing information is not provided, though Agarwal does imply that it is a high-ticket program.

Email Profits Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Agarwal and his Email Profits training program is to learn at the feet of the so-called master, someone who has leverage email marketing to earn millions.

The 30-minute free case study – which is more like 20 minutes of general information about why building large email lists are beneficial and 10 minutes of plugging the exclusive opportunity to learn from Agarwal – raises a few interesting points, but nothing truly valuable; the rest if concealed behind the application process and inevitable paywall.

This makes it highly difficult to review.

Email Profits Verdict

There's no direct evidence of this, but we suspect Agarwal may be using Email Profits as a sales funnel for one of his affiliate marketing programs, most likely Digital Altitude.

We've reviewed DA in the past, and the profile seems to match as it's a high-ticket educational program that purportedly teaches you how to market online opportunities.

Of course, DA's true goal is to have you buy into the programs you're selling in order to earn high-ticket commissions on these programs – you're involved an educational training program that trains you to market this selfsame program to others.

Again there's no direct evidence that Agarwal is marketing DA by using Email Profits as a fig leaf. However, it's common knowledge that he made around $7 million by marketing the DA product line itself; this, plus the other similarities, make it highly suspect.

When combined with Agarwal's insistence on weeding out interested parties via an application process designed to discourage anyone without high amounts of money to invest in his educational program, this makes us feel even more uneasy about Email Profits.

While it's true that you won't get locked into any program without first seeing the pricing, we're sure that Agarwal and his marketing team will likely use high-pressure motivation techniques to convert; this could make it difficult for you to extricate yourself from his recruitment funnel.

If you want to see what Email Profits is really about, feel free to apply through his website – but be aware of what could be awaiting you. You're likely going to be presented with a “high-ticket business opportunity” that might involve marketing that same high-ticket business opportunity to others.

If it turns out to be Digital Altitude after all, you may want to avoid the entire opportunity altogether.

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