There are many new cryptocurrencies appearing on the market every day and it is our job to review the most interesting ones for you. Today we are going to review Arbitracoin.

What Is Arbitracoin?

Arbitracoin is a new cryptocurrency company which has appeared on the market in 2018. The company describes it as “an independent self-regulated financial payment technology” meaning that, like many other cryptocurrencies, it operates without needing banks or any other type of third-party institution. The code of Arbitracoin is open-source and you can find it online if you are interested.

What is the difference between a new currency like this and cryptocurrencies which are already famous like Bitcoin? Why should you invest in it? While Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work system, Arbitracoin uses a proof-of-stake one (like Ethereum). The company has also developed software to help investors.

This software called Arbitrage use trading signals to help the users decide when they should invest and how they could get more money using their cryptocurrency. The software looks for cryptocurrency prices and tries to sell your coins for more money while it buys others for less. This enables the owner of the cryptocurrency to get some profit.

The company promises that you will be able to use Arbitracoin for anything that you could use Bitcoin for and that it would be perfectly safe to use this cryptocurrency because all of its transactions are stored in the blockchain.

How Arbitracoin ATC Cryptocurrency Lending Token Works

By using the Arbitracoin you will be able to do much more than only using it to buy goods or even investing using the Arbitration system like we have said above. You can also use this cryptocurrency for lending, staking and networking.

By lending the Arbitracoin tokens, you will be able to receive daily of 2% per day. This is not a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), so you will have more probability to really receive your money back. By staking, you can earn up to 16% per month only by holding the Arbitracoin tokens.

Finally, you can also use networking and the referral program to earn money by telling other people about this cryptocurrency.

How To Invest In Arbitracoin ATC ICO?

If you are interested in Arbitracoin, you can buy its tokens in the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that Arbitracoin is planning. The hard cap will be 80,000,000 tokens which will be sold in 8 different prices (the price will start at $0.10 USD per token and it will go up $0.05 USD every time that 10,000,000 tokens are sold, reaching the price of $0.45 USD in the end).

The sale will happen during February 1st and it will last the whole month. If you are interested, you buy the Arbitracoin tokens as soon as possible because you will be able to pay a lot less for them if you are really quick.

You can also use the commission system developed by Arbitracoin. You register in the system and choose an affiliate unilevel (you have to pay for the upper levels) and you will be able to receive from 1% to 8% of the money from referrals.

The company predicts that the tokens, which will have a value of $0.10-0.45 USD during February, will reach a price of more than $100 USD at the end of 2020 making this a very profitable investment for you.

Arbitracoin Verdict

Is Arbitracoin a good investment for you? It can be. If what the company says is true, you could have a return on investment of more than 2000% in two years if you invest in it. Will this prediction actually happen, though? That is harder to say. For one, Arbitracoin is definitely not a very original cryptocurrency.

You might have a return on investment lower than 2000% and it would still be a great business, though. The tokens are cheap and, if the company manages to have 100% of return on investment, it would still be pretty good for only two years. Because of this, this might be a good choice for investment.

In the end, it is up to you. Only you can be completely sure if investing in Arbitracoin is the right thing to do. We can only say that while you probably will not have a return of 2000% it does look like this have the potential to be a good investment.

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