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Aspire Today is a recruitment funnel for Digital Altitude, an online digital marketing training system that features high-ticket buy-ins with a promise of large commission figures.

What Is Aspire Today?

There's no information on the Aspire Today site indicating that it's tied to Digital Altitude, as it instead represents itself as a completely separate and unrelated entity.

However, the truth comes out at the very last second – after being presented with the opportunity to enroll in the Aspire Today training program, a small, nearly invisible line of text at the bottom reveals that Aspire Today is owned by Digital Altitude, making it clear that this particular company is behind Aspire Today.

We therefore need to look at Digital Altitude as a company a bit closer. The company, which was founded by former US Marine and MLM/affiliate industry veteran Michael Force, sells training packages that teach individuals how to become online entrepreneurs.

Aspire is the entry-level Digital Altitude course, followed by Base, Rise, Ascent, Peak, and Apex. Members must work their way up through each course in turn.

Aspire Today Product

The Aspire Today site directly advertises the program as one that will provide you with around a month of targeted online business training, complete with access to online videos and 1-on-1 coaching, for a “highly discounted” one-time fee of $37.

This comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The program supposedly teaches you the secrets of marketing high-ticket items by spending “around $50 a week on advertising” on the internet. Commissions from these items are anywhere between $500 and $7000.

In truth, Aspire Today neglects to tell you that you're buying your first month of membership as a Digital Altitude “Aspire Walker,” the lowest of the low when it comes to the company's totem pole.

For your membership, you can either take the “insider knowledge” the system teaches you and go your own way, or you can agree to begin marketing the Digital Altitude system yourself.

That 30-day guarantee only covers your initial purchase and not the ongoing monthly fee.

It also offers little in the way of commission opportunities – instead, you'll have to agree to shell out additional monthly fees to join either the “Aspire Hiker” or the “Aspire Climber” level of membership, a total of $67 per month or $127 per month respectively.

That's just the beginning. Each tier is increasingly expensive:

  • Base: one time fee of $597
  • Rise: one time fee of $1997
  • Ascend: one time fee of $9997
  • Peak: one time fee of $16,997
  • Apex: one time fee of $27,997

Each membership level offers additional training.

Aspire Today Opportunity

Depending on how deeply you invest in Digital Altitude, your ability to reap commissions on sales of each program tier increases. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Aspire Walker: 40% on one tier of sales, $15 per.
  • Aspire Hiker: 40% on tier one ($27), 10% on tier two ($7)
  • Aspire Climber: 45%, 10%, and 5% on tiers one, two, and three respectively ($76, $13, and $6)
  • Base: 60% commissions over three tiers, $240 per sale
  • Rise: 60% commission over three tiers, $1200 per sale
  • Ascend: 60% commissions over three tiers, $6000 per sale
  • Peak: 60% commissions over three tiers, $10,200 per sale
  • Apex: 60% commissions over three tiers, $16,800 per sale

Aspire Today Verdict

You can make a lot of money by working your way up the ranks of Digital Altitude if you don't mind selling someone a “business opportunity” that is simply learning how to market the same affiliate program you're marketing to them right at that moment.

It's easy to get sucked into an affiliate sales system like this, what with the massive commission figures. “So what if it's 10 grand to upgrade to Ascend?” you say. “I can make that back with just a couple of sales!”

Sure, that's true in theory, but you have to find people willing to shell out 10 grand on the hopes of making their own couple of sales over and over again.

Eventually, like a snake eating its own tail, you're going to run out of people who are wiling to invest in this “training program.” At that point, you'll be out a ridiculous amount of money with no one to market the program to.

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