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I have heard a lot of people talking about something called Associate Marketing Program. Many of those people were talking about how others have come up to them and pitched something called Associate Marketing Program.

At the time, I had no idea what they were talking about so I kind of just smiled and nodded. That was until I myself came face to face with one of those Associate Marketing Program pitchers. I received the typical salesman pitch about this product and I declined the man’s offer.

However, these two encounters with Associate Marketing Program piqued my interest and I decided to find out more about it.

So, is Associate Marketing Program the real deal? Or is it just another fraudulent product that gets pitched to the moon for quick sales after launch? Keep reading to find out.

But first, I want to give an overview of what exactly Associate Marketing Program is.

Overview of Associate Marketing Program

When I first started digging for information about this Associate Marketing Program, I ran into some issues. First off, the website of the company behind this product is not very helpful at all.

I could not find much information about the company at all besides that it is owned by some company called Voltage Partners Holdings, LLC. I decided to do a WHOIS test of the domain of the company website and it corroborated with the previous findings.

The domain was registered by a person associated with Voltage Partners, so that checks out.

But what exactly is Voltage Partners and what do they do? Voltage Partners, LLC is a relatively new company – it was started in early 2016. It seems that their primary function is to dig around and find some interesting ideas for mobile applications that have been trending in social circles.

When they receive that information, I guess they either make apps based on those ideas or find already existing apps and try to set up some kind of business arrangement. From the financial data that I found about the company, it does not seem that their business is taking off at all.

Perhaps that failure prompted them to focus more on their Associate Marketing Program, which they started not too long after starting their original company. Associate Marketing Program was made to help the company sell mobile applications created by third party developers.

How do they do this? Keep reading.

How Associate Marketing Program Works

Just a little bit of a warning: the following information may be confusing. It perplexed me for a few minutes before I was able to piece it all together to be able to compile this review.

Basically, Associate Marketing Program is not selling any tangible product or service. Their “product” is essentially a membership for people to become affiliates to then do the selling for them. Starting to sound like a pyramid scheme, right? There is more.

Basically, people who are interested in becoming affiliates must pay an initial payment of 33 dollars. To keep the membership after the initial purchase, affiliates must pay 14 dollars every month that they want to remain an affiliate.

What benefits do affiliates get? Well first they get access to Associate Marketing Program’s third party mobile app store. From there, they can search for apps that interest them and purchase them for use. This is probably where you may be confused. I will put it as simply as I can.

Affiliates pay for access to an app store where they have to pay additional fees to be able to download the apps in that app store. This is the business model and while confusing, it sounds efficient.

How do the affiliates make money?

When they pay the affiliate membership fee, they not only get access to the app store, but they also get their own version of the app store. If people download apps from their cloned app store, they receive commission. Honestly though, the commission received from app downloads is too low.

If this was the only way for affiliates to make money through this program, I could not see any sensible person pouring their money into it. Thankfully, it is not the only way to make money.

The main money maker for affiliates in this program is through recruitment. This is why so many people are going around inviting people to join the Associate Marketing Program. And it is one crazy pyramid scheme for sure!

The Associate Marketing Program pays commission to affiliates on a unilevel model when it comes to direct recruitments. If you get one person to become an affiliate, you will be paid $5.

If you get two people become affiliates, you will be paid $5 for both affiliates, as well as $3 for any people that they recruit to become affiliates.

If you get three or more people to become affiliates, you will be paid $5 for each of those affiliates, $3 for any people that they get to become affiliates, and an additional $1 for anyone that becomes an affiliate due to the people that your affiliates got to be affiliates.

Think of it like a pyramid and you are at the top.

As for indirect recruitment, affiliates receive a commission of 75 cents for each person that becomes an affiliate in the Associate Marketing Program.

So, is it legit?

Honestly, I do not know. It reeks of a pyramid scheme but if it really does pay out, it would not be a scam. All of the reviews of Associate Marketing Program that label it as a scam do so because they want to pitch a different product to you.

Unfortunately, this is a prime example of a pyramid scheme. And businesses that utilize these kinds of models do not last long – so it would be wise to join and make a profit for a little while and then get out before it starts to crash.

Pyramid schemes begin to collapse when the rate of new affiliates joining the program start going down. Commission payments tend to be late and may never come at all. So, this is not a sustainable business but it can make you a nice quick profit. But get out while the going is still good.

Remember, those in charge of the program have nothing to lose because they have already made an incredible return on investment. Only the affiliates have money to lose.

The final verdict

After compiling all of the information needed to write this review, I can’t tell you to not do it if you want to do it. It is not a scam but it is a pyramid scheme that will run out of money quite quickly.

If you want to join, join quickly and try to get your original investment back as soon as possible so that you start making a profit before the business tanks. Let me reiterate that it is NOT a scam.

It is a business model that allows for those who buy in to profit for a little while before the rate of new recruits starts to dissipate and the company runs out of money and dies.

If I were you and I became an affiliate, I would focus solely on marketing the affiliate program to other people and not even concern myself with the actual apps.

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  1. I want to ‘critique’ your article, because you obviously know nothing about AMP or Voltage Partners from what I’ve just read. First of all, Voltage Partners has been in existence for FIVE years, not since the beginning of 2016. The CEO’s or Administration of the company have very successful businessmen running the company from the top, who all have 25 years of experience running multimillion companies. Voltage Partners is a legitimate group of individual who are in the software and mobile apps/gaming industry and this company allows each Voltage Idea Partner to do market research for the company and to have a chance to submit ideas for apps and games and other software to the company for development and creation. The Voltage Idea Partners (of which I am one of the Founding Members) conduct mini-surveys once a month to uncover ‘pain points’ in people’s lives either personally or professionally. From there, submissions of ideas for apps and/or software that might help alleviate the pain points identified during the survey can be created. It’s a process, but if the ideas are developed into apps/games, the VIP who submitted them gets 50% of the profits on that particular app or piece of software.

    Most of the administration team for Voltage Partners are family men with families, and most of them have other multimillion dollar companies they are connected to as Voltage Partners gets underway. This latest business venture is their creation and it’s a technological one that is SURE to explode the technology scene of mobile apps and gaming industry.

    Just an FYI: “pyramid schemes” are ILLEGAL, so this is NOT a ‘pyramid scheme’. It is a network marketing or multi-level marketing program and it’s sure to be a HOT one! In addition, MLM and Network Marketing is an industry that makes profits of over 160 billion dollars a year globally, so there’s no ‘scam’ or ‘scheme’ words attached to it. Some people, who have failed in the MLM environment in the past (myself included!) do attach a negative connotation to MLM’s. But, it takes an entrepreneur with savvy business ideas, expertise and great vision to see something that is bound to be GREAT and AMP is bound to explode, in my opinion. I have never backed a company so fervently as I am backing Voltage Partners and AMP. I believe we’ve struck a gold mine and I have no qualms about it!

    I would suggest doing thorough research before writing an article that is supposed to be ‘fair’ and to have an unbiased ‘critique’ of something you know nothing about. Interviewing people who are involved in the projects is a great idea and a wonderful place to start!


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