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ATC Coin has been gaining popularity on the internet for the past few weeks, even making the rounds on various social media platforms.

According to their website, ATC coin is a digital currency that serves as a “fuel” to “buy goods or services” and even to “create tokens for the transmission of the storage of data or transaction fees to pay.”

Familiar? Yes! It sounds like the NEXT BITCOIN! But, the big question is: Will this really deliver opportunities? Or will this be another scam to waste money and time?

Here in our unbiased and honest ATC Coin review, we have done research to tell you more about ATC Coin and help you decide if it’s right for you?

Revelation starts now!

What Is ATC Coin?


ATC Coin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that is trying to make an impression on the MLM marketplace. With the company slogan “The Coin You Trust Most”, ATC Coin promises you a business opportunity that will make you rich real quickly through the use of their ATC coins. Who does not want that?

However, there are several big red flags about ATC Coin. We noticed that there is very minimal information on their official website. It doesn’t have data about who owns the company or when it first launched. It only explains about how you can make money.

The most interesting part is that there is a page on the website that is titled “Legends Involvement” which claims that Peter Thiel, Richard Branson, Eric Schmidt, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates are “involved” with the company. Awesome!

But there is no proof or any evidence that will support that these big names are actually involved with ATC Coin, and this is probably because they don’t even know this company even exists.

Moreover, we found a document saying that ATC Coin LTD was registered in the United Kingdom on May 11, 2017 under the name of Subhash Jewria, the corporation’s one and only Director. We also found out that Jewria uses a virtual mailing address that belongs to Garden Studios.

To make it intense, we tracked down Jewria’s personal Facebook page which shows that he currently lives in Mumbai, India. In his Facebook activity, he was seen promoting another company called My Money Seva which provides “payment solutions” to other MLM companies.

With this, we can tell that ATC coin is Jewria’s first ever involvement with an MLM setup.

What Are ATC Coins?

Earlier, we explained “ATC Coin” as a company. Now, let us go further to the real “ATC Coins”, the ones that will make us “rich”. Like Bitcoin, ATC coins offers a wide range of benefits, similar with other ordinary cryptocurrency.

ATC coin also allows you to generate your own ATC coin address and connect to the ATC Coin ecosystem. They follow peer-to-peer transactions, where you can send and receive ATC coins. In your transactions, you can affix your digital signature for enhanced security.

Moreover, the whole ATC Coin system is not bank or government-controlled. The coins are controlled and issued solely by the ATC Corporation. For now, we do not have information about the total supply of the tokens or the mining system.

What Are The ATC Coin Products?

In its official website, ATC does not sell or market any products or services to retail customers. The only “product” they offer is the affiliate membership.

On the other hand, a legit MLM company needs retails sales to fund its activities. In this case, we classify this as a pyramid scheme because it exclusively depends on new memberships.

How Do We Make Money Out Of ATC Coin?

Like most pyramid schemes, affiliates for ATC Coin are told that investing money into ATC Coins will allow them to invest big time. The company claims that by giving them a small amount of money today, affiliates can enjoy a huge amount of money in the future.

To start, affiliates are asked to invest 100,000 INR (about $1544 USD). In exchange, you will earn 50, 000 ATC coins. However, less 500 ATC coins will be given to the affiliates for the next 18 months.

Apart from that, affiliates can also earn on residual commissions which are handled with a unilevel payment system. An affiliate can earn a percentage for their commission based on the amount of money invested by other affiliates within their downline. So, an affiliate can earn a commission of 10% from Level 1 affiliates; 3% from Level 2 and Level 3 affiliates; 2% from affiliates between Level 4 and Level 8; and 1.5% commission from Levels 9 to 11.

Lastly, ATC Coin also grants “Recruitment Rewards”. Basically, an affiliate can earn commissions for recruiting other members to invest to ATC Coin.

That’s a whole lot of money!

How Can We Join?

Great offer, right? To join, you’ll need to make an investment of 100,000 INR ($1544) to ATC Coin.

Let’s Consult Other People First…

If you search “ATC Coin” on Google, results are likely to be “ATC Coin: Legit or Scam?” There are no accounts of real affiliates who can disprove the credibility of ATC Coin. On the other hand, there are a lot of trusted reviews that explain the viability of ATC Coin to deliver opportunities of earning real value.

ATC Coin Verdict

Now let’s answer our big question: “The Next Bitcoin or Another Big Scam?”


ATC Coin was India’s copycat of Bitcoin. They offer a very promising compensation plan. However, ATC Coin falls short to be qualified as a real cryptocurrency because there is no “real” value in it.

You can never use their ATC coins in the real world transactions, except that they are involved in the ATC ecosystem, where you can exchange real money for a cryptocurrency…for nothing.

Also, it never adds up to their credibility to use the names of Bill Gates and the likes. It makes them more suspicious. We bet no one believes that, do you?

Lastly, ATC Coin does not offer any goods or services. How can they continue to exist without products that will provide them at least, backup funds? They only depend on new members, whom they promise returns of investments, commissions and rewards. Where they will get the money now? The membership fees won’t even suffice!

There are a lot of opportunities that can be found on the internet. Bitcoin guarantees millions of success stories. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of scammers. So beware!

Thus, ATC Coin is just a Bitcoin-wannabe – that collects money and doesn’t give back.

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