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AWAI is all about teaching you how to be a better copywriter. As everyone knows content is king and creating original high-quality content takes time. What a lot of people don't understand is that anyone can become a copywriter and start working for the comforts of their homes.


The Company

AWAI has been around for a while. You may recognize the company as they also created “The Barefoot Writer” program. AWAI is an acronym for American Writers and Artist, Inc. This company as plenty of learning tools available for the aspiring writer to break through and start making money from home.

The company first appeared in 1997 and has grown in leaps and bounds. Their main company site offers several different tools and reading materials to help any writer become better and make more money. AWAI is located in Delray Beach, Florida and was created for writers to connect with companies in need of quality content.

The Product

The newest program that AWAI has come up with is the FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

If you sign up for this program, there is no doubt you learn everything you need to not only start your copywriting business but also develop your writing skills.

The course and job fair is expensive. The price of admission is $2,195. That doesn't include airfare, hotel, rental car and food. That is strictly for the course materials and the chance to meet over 40+ marketer’s desperately needing copywriters.

The Opportunity

AWAI does provide affiliate links that will allow you to make some extra cash by promoting their courses. As of right now, however, they are revising their affiliate program and should be up and running soon.

If you do sign up to become an affiliate there is a small trail period where AWAI inspects your site to see if your site will be a good fit with their different programs.

Once you jump through all the hoops and are accepted as an affiliate you will earn 25% of the gross revenue.

The Verdict

When you first begin reading the sales page, the first thing that grabs you is the reality. Everyone has had a time in life where they found themselves out of a job. That is where AWAI first hits you. The sales tactic is to tug on your heartstrings and make you think that this guy was right where you are now. Desperate and looking for a way to pay the bills.

Next, you may notice is how little detail you get as what exactly you will be learning. Sure, if you google copywriting you will get the jist of what the course is about. But it never explains how much time you will need to complete the course before the job fair in October.

AWAI is a solid company, but the price is too much for people struggling to make ends meet. Another fact that isn't mentioned is that once you do sign up, the company has your email address and will bombard you with other offers and courses right away. They will use manipulation to get you to purchase even more courses to help you improve your writing. For some, this may be great. Especially those people are self-conscious and new to the writing world. For others, this strategy is just down right annoying.

If you want to become a copywriter and you feel that you need the training to become great, then yes, this program might be for you. If you are completely new to the whole content writing scene, then this program may be intimidating. There are other programs that don’t cost nearly as much as the Bootcamp. Those other programs are geared for newbies interested in copywriting. “The Bootcamp and Job Fair” is for those who are ready to take their writing business to a higher level.

AWAI does have mixed reviews online. Some people will tell you they are a scam. Others will say that they are worth every penny. AWAI is a company and makes its money selling its services and courses. Just like you would have to pay for college, AWAI offers you the training tools you need to succeed. The company may be pricey, but you get what you paid for. AWAI delivers on its promises. You may find it takes you longer than others to complete a course. But you will get the knowledge you need to become a professional copywriter.


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