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B-Epic is a company that is launching in November 2016 with a supplement product that is chalk full of notorious ingredients to boost your energy.

What Is B-Epic?

B-Epic was registered in 2014 and was updated August 2016. The site owner according to LinkedIn is a guy by the name of Eric Caprarese. Mr. Caprarese has been seen around the affiliate marketplace for a while when he first launched Brain Abundance back in 2013.

The site states that other people are behind the scenes. However, B-Epic doesn't go into any detail of who these people are. The site states that they do have over 20-years of MLM industry experience, but offers little to back up this claim.

It is known that Brain Abundance is still up and going, but according to Alexa, the sites ratings are going downhill and fast. Luckily for Mr. Caprarese he sold his share early and is no longer a part of the site.

Other sites that Mr. Caprarese has dabbled in include Amway, Blue Bird Bids, and PureNRG FX. All but Amway has pretty much sunk into the void of the web.

The Products

According to the site, B-Epic is going to provide a supplement capsule. The capsule contains a unique formula of fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms to help boost your energy. Some of the ingredients include Shiitake mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, carrot, apple, tomato, cranberry, and grape. It also has orange, pomegranate, Ganoderma, chaga, cordyceps, and strawberry.

The price for all this nutrient is $30 for a two week supply and up to $89 for a two month supply of the capsules.

The Opportunity

Just like Herbal Life with their compensation plan, B-Epic is joining the health industry with a way for you to make money as well.

When you first sign up as a “Distributor,” you will be able to earn $10 for every two-week supply you sell. If you happen to sell the one month supply, you will make $20 and $40 for every two month supply.

You can also recruit people to join your downline and earn $2 on every two-week supply your downline sells. You will receive $4 from your downline selling the month supply. If your downline sells the two month supply, you will earn $8. So, you get paid for every single bottle sold no matter the amount.

The company though wants you to earn your money so it makes what you earn from your downline far less than what you could make on your own.

You can also make residual income based on how well your team performs. However, you need at least two people under you to earn residual commissions from your team.

Signing up as an affiliate is completely free, so there are no real commitment issues or monthly bills due each month to stay in the game.

The Verdict

From the product to the compensation plan, this company would be epic to get involved with. If you happen to be a huge outdoor person and know a lot of people using supplements, this could be your silver lining to make some extra cash in this niche.

There are only two issues you will find about B-Epic. One is the promotional video on the introduction page. The video doesn't explain a lot about the product or the company itself. It will show you extreme people doing extreme things, but nothing else. Granted the promo video could just be a way to hype you up about what is to come and does it hype you up.

The second issue how similar it is to Brain Abundance. You will find pretty much the same ingredients used except with B-Epic, it puts a spotlight on high energy instead of brain power and concentration.

There is no telling if the product works. On the other hand, though, the ingredients listed in the capsule make it abundantly clear there is no reason to doubt it.

If you are looking for a company to get in on, this will become the next big thing. So jump in now before everyone knows about it!

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